7th Grade Exploratories

12-Week courses Offered Based on Demand - two consecutive 6 weeks period for each 12-week course

Art 7 - Two Dimensional Art

This course is designed to explore a variety of two-dimensional mediums with a strong emphasis in both drawing and painting. Graphic or commercial art skills will also be explored. Requires a small art fee.

Art 7 - Three Dimensional Art

This course emphasizes art as a three dimensional media. Units of study will include experiences in hand built ceramics, additive sculpture, subtractive sculpture, and the fiber arts as a sculptural media. Requires a small art fee.

Basic First Aide

The purpose of this course would be to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary in administering immediate and temporary first aide care in an actual emergency situation.


Students will learn to follow choral conducting gestures. They will begin to develop acceptable vocal tone quality and accurate intonation. They will learn the necessary posture and breathing techniques for adequate breath support and vocal tone production, basic music notation and music vocabulary. They will incorporate the expressive qualities of dynamics, tempo, and phrasing into their singing. They will utilize the musical elements of pitch, melody, harmony, and form in their singing. Music will be sung in unison and 2-3 parts, using a variety of choral repertories. They will learn to value group achievement and work toward group goals.

Citizen Service

The purpose of this course is to provide students with experiences that will enable them to acquire an appreciation for others and their needs. Students will work with their peers, the elderly, the handicapped, and different racial and cultural groups. The importance of giving of themselves to help others will be stressed. Students will perform community service within the school as well as the community.


This course is designed to explore basic acting techniques and improve students’ oral communication skills and self-esteem in front of groups. Students will also learn a basic history of drama and terms associated with the theater. Students will audition for and take part in class plays.


Familiarize student with keyboard layout. Students will learn the alphabetic keys using correct keyboard manipulation and techniques. Students will use correct fingers and techniques of key alphabetic numeric, symbol information. Students will use appropriate proofreaders marks for proofreading.

Photography & Video

Students will learn how to take photographs and how to work a video camera. Depending on skills, their work may be featured in the yearbook and/or may enable them to videotape morning announcements and school activities.

Technology 7

In this course, each student will actively participate in workstations, or modules, that will present different areas of technology. Each module is self guided and the student is an active part of the learning process. The module topics are as follows:

  1. Computer Programming
  2. Manufacturing Systems & Controls
  3. Desktop Publishing
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Flight Technology
  6. Rocket Technology
  7. Electronics
  8. Screen Process Printing
  9. Bridge building Engineering
  10. Materials & Processing

Students will be able to select 7 out of 10 modules. Each module is seven days in length./

Teen Living

“Sensational Sewing” – This course is designed to introduce and explore basic sewing skills. The student will construct a simple sewing and craft project. “Fabulous Foods” – This course is designed to introduce and explore basic teen living skills related to food and nutrition, basic cooking skills, table manners and table setting. Food labs will emphasize preparation of simple snacks.

Exploring Spanish

Students will learn to appreciate various aspects of Hispanic culture through multimedia exposure. Students will also learn and practice " Survival Spanish.” This course is excellent preparation for students who are interested in traveling to Argentina, Puerto Rico, Spain and Mexico.

Exploring Wildlife

This course covers the different kinds of wildlife in the state of Virginia and their habitat, what they need for survival and human interactions with wildlife. Additional time would be spent on how our choices affect animals. Example: How human uses of land can conflict with wildlife habitat needs.

7th Grade Electives

Full-Year Electives

Beginning Band

This course introduces the basic elements of musical performance and an introduction to band literature. No previous experience is necessary.

(Intermediate) Band

This course offers students instruction in solo and ensemble playing and experience. An increased understanding of music theory, interpretation, and improved technical proficiency is emphasized. Students participate in concerts and competitions.

Chorus (Intermediate)

This course will offer students the opportunity to learn breathing techniques, basic music notation, and musical qualities of dynamics, tempo, and phrasing. Students will use the elements of melody, harmony, pitch, and form in a variety of choral repertory. Opportunities for vocal development and performance will be provided.

(Intermediate) Orchestra

This course emphasizes development of music reading skills and interpretation as well as the attainment of proficiency in solo, ensemble and string orchestra performance. Numerous student performances are arranged during the year.A second year orchestra course. Pre-requisite: Completion of 6th grade orchestra.