8th Grade Exploratories


This course stresses design and art composition in two and three-dimensional forms through the media of drawing, painting, lettering, and sculpturing. Experiences in ceramics and crafts are al so included in this course

CareersThis course enables students to make sound decisions regarding their education and career choices.

Introduction to Computer Application

This course will provide students with basic keyboarding skills, placing emphasis on learning to key alphabetic, numeric and symbol information using correct keyboarding manipulation and techniques with a reasonable amount of accuracy and speed. Students will develop computer application techniques to gain a basic knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, database and graphic application.

Mass Media

This course is designed to acquaint students with the various means of communication in our society. Advertising, magazines, motion pictures, radio, television and newspapers are investigated, analyzed, interpreted and evaluated.

Technology Systems

This course enables students to develop an understanding of modern technological systems. Areas of emphasis include electronics, robotics, power and energy systems, communication, computer aided drafting and design, manufacturing and research-development technology. The focus of learning is module-based instruction.

Teen Living

This course is designed to introduce and explore basic homemaking skills through units in food management, clothing management (with emphasis on the use of the sewing machine), crafts and personal-living skills.


This course introduces basic music theory and choral techniques. The musical elements of melody, harmony, rhythm and form are covered.

8th Grade Electives

Full-Year Electives

Band (Advanced)

This course emphasizes the development of individual and ensemble performance skills required for top level musical performance. This ensemble participates in a wide variety of high caliber events, concerts, competitions, and professional music conference performances.

Chorus (Advanced)

This course represents Sandusky Middle School's Show Choir and emphasizes vocal development and group performance. Prerequisites for this course are 7th grade chorus and a teacher recommendation.

Orchestra (Advanced)

This course emphasizes development of music reading skills and interpretation as well as the attainment of proficiency in solo, ensemble and string orchestra performance. Numerous student performances are arranged during the year.

Full-Year High School Credit Electives in Eighth Grade

(.5 Credit per Semester)

French I

This course emphasizes communicating in French. Students become involved immediately in using the language to simulate daily life situations. Activities include speaking, listening, writing, reading, and the study of French culture.

Latin I

This course provides the foundation for understanding Latin and the basis for learning any world language. Students enlarge their vocabulary, refine grammar in English, and learn about the origins of many aspects of our culture while reading the history, myths, and legends of the ancient Romans.

Spanish I

This course is an initiation into language as a means of active communication for which a reasonable proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish is the primary goal. Frequent conversational activities and dramatizations involve students actively in the language.