Study Skills

There are several important things you can do to help your middle schooler be successful academically. Please consider trying the following:


  • Each student should use a binder to keep all work for each subject. Use a divider card for each subject and encourage your child to get in the habit of putting all papers in the correct place.
  • Each student should use an agenda to record all assignments. If your child is saying that he/she doesn't have homework for the evening, please take a look at the agenda book or access the teacher's website.
  • Students should pack their bookbags before going to bed each night. This way, they need only concentrate on getting ready in the morning, not thinking about whether or not they have the correct materials, etc.


  • The average amount of time a middle school student should spend on homework is 1 hour each school night. Encourage your child to start with more difficult assignments.
  • Students should get in the habit of completing school work at the same time each night and in a quiet, comfortable study area.
  • Remember that the purpose of homework is for students to practice new skills learned in class. Also, it is a time to review concepts for quizzes & tests.
  • Students need to take quick breaks in between subjects to refresh their brains. Consider making a schedule for your child if homework time is becoming a source of conflict!

Study Techniques

  • The average amount of time a middle school student should spend studying is 1 hour each school night.
  • Use note cards and flash cards for vocabulary words or to review details.
  • Review notes each night. Highlight or underline important words/details.
  • Study over a period of a few days for a test. Don't "cram" the night before.
  • Students should ask questions in class when they don't understand a concept. Also, encourage students to utilize any study guides that teachers may provide.

For more helpful tips on effective test taking and study habits try the following websites: