English Language Learners

Focus of the LCS ELL Program

Focus One

All students enrolled in the ELL instructional program will learn English through the provision of appropriate ELL instructional techniques and methods. In addition, the ELL students' acquisition of English Literacy will be enhanced when appropriate opportunities for social and classroom interaction are provided.

Focus Two

The ELL student will learn Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS). Thereby providing the student a formula for self-confident expression, the ability to cope successfully with daily situations, and a meaningful involvement in school activities.

Focus Three

As the ELL student receives appropriate instruction in English, he/she will begin to develop Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP). CALP is defined as a knowledge of English that enables the student to have meaningful involvement in the LCS curriculum and an ability to gain, integrate, and use knowledge in order to be a positive and productive member of the school community and beyond.

Focus Four

The ELL Teacher serves as support to the ELL students, their teachers and through the building principal, a LCS liaison with the ELL students’ parents and community. Through this support the ELL student will be given opportunities to share his/her culture and pride in his/her home language with other students. By sharing the student will develop an understanding of and respect for the cultures of others.

Focus Five

The goal is that the ELL student will be mainstreamed as quickly as possible so that he/she can actively participate in the total school environment.