Grant Development

Grant Development

Lynchburg City Schools now has a Grant Development Office to provide grant development and grant coordination activities across the entire division. The Grant Development Office is a resource for teachers and administrators to identify, bid and win competitive project grants to fund new programs and innovative ideas, purchase equipment and supplies, and support professional development. Collectively, we will focus on project grant opportunities from federal and Virginia state government sources, as well as from private foundations located across the country.

Our services include:

  • Facilitate the development of discretionary grant proposals for LCS.
  • Coordinate the approval of grant projects by designated administrators.
  • Submit all grant proposals on behalf of LCS.
  • Monitor grant project implementation, conduct grant project kickoff, review and closeout meetings during the life cycle of each grant.
  • Coordinate letters of support and commitment on behalf of other partnering institutions.

A process will be put in place that will streamline our proposal development and will enable us to continually improve the quality and effectiveness of our proposals.

At LCS, the Grant Development Office is available to teachers and administrators to:

  • Visualize and develop new projects and programs.
  • Match these project and program ideas to specific funding opportunities.
  • Create a written proposal and budget that effectively conveys the case for funding support.
  • Assemble a comprehensive proposal package that is compliant with LCS policy and the grantor’s regulations and requirements.

If you have an idea for a project, contact the Grant Development Office early to learn how to develop your idea into a viable project that is worthy of grant funding. 

If you are interested in developing a project and applying for a grant, please complete the "Grant Project Idea Worksheet" on the sidebar to organize your thoughts and describe the key elements of your idea.

Contact Information:

Jack Freeman
Grant Development Office
Phone: (434) 515-5051