Menu Prices

Parents: You may place any amount of money you wish on your child’s account at any time.
Breakfast Fees
2016-17 Full Price for Student Reduced Price for Student Adult Price
Elementary 1.15 No cost to student* 1.55
Middle 1.25 No cost to student* 1.55
High 1.25 No cost to student* 1.55

*School Nutrition covers the cost of breakfast for all students who qualify for reduced-price meals.

Lunch Fees
2016-17 Full Price for Student Reduced Price for Student Adult Price
Elementary 2.25 .40 3.15
Middle 2.45 .40 3.15
High 2.55 .40 3.15

Account Information and Charge Procedures for Elementary Students

  • We encourage all parents to place money on their child’s account rather than sending money each day. This method provides safety and insures your money will be spent as it was intended. Also, all students, including those eligible for free lunch, enjoy a little extra money on their account for occasional treats. Be assured, all of our treats are nutritionally sound. Money may be placed on your child’s account any school day.
  • The school cashier will give a notification letter to each child with a low account balance. This letter will inform parents that additional money needs to be placed on their child’s account.
  • We allow elementary students three (3) breakfast charges and three (3) lunch charges for a total of $10.20. Our cafeteria computers have been programmed to allow only this amount and the school cashier cannot charge beyond this amount.
  • If no money has been received and we have not heard from the parent, the School Nutrition Program will provide a student with a toasted cheese sandwich or cheese crackers, fruit and a carton of milk. This emergency snack provides protein, carbohydrates and calcium.
  • Parents, please remember it is your responsibility to keep your child’s account current. The best way to avoid charges is to place enough money on your child’s account to cover several weeks of meals. Many parents find this method convenient and send money monthly.
  • A Charge Policy is a privilege- not a requirement. Please keep in touch with your cafeteria manager and help us manage your child’s account effectively.