My LCS Story: Joel Gibson

Elementary Movement Education Teacher

Joel Gibson is a movement education teacher at four different LCS elementary schools.

Mr. Gibson, who is a graduate of Liberty University, has taught both locally and internationally. He brings his unique outlook on education to the classroom every day.

“Coming through school, I was not the school type,” says Gibson. “I did fine in my grades, but I didn’t enjoy the classroom. I did enjoy P.E. class. I did enjoy playing for my school.”

That interest in movement education and representing his school is what influenced Mr. Gibson to become a teacher. “To be able to now be in that position to give that to students was kind of my passion for wanting to come into this profession.”

Mr. Gibson not only teaches movement education during the school day, he also runs programs before and after school, such as the Boys Running Club and Boot Camp Fitness, that encourage both fitness and good behavior for students.

Two years ago a group of boys at Heritage Elementary School wanted to know why there was a girls running program called “Girls on the Run” but no such program for boys. That’s how the Boys Running Club was born. The program saw such success in the first year that there was a waiting list the second year. The boys train on mountain trails to prepare for the annual Liberty Mountain 5K Trail Race. Last year all 17 boys finished the race, some under 30 minutes.

Mr. Gibson remembers seeing their excitement as they crossed the finish line, knowing that they accomplished something great. And he wasn’t the only one there cheering them on. Other staff members and many parents were there running with the students or encouraging them during the race. Students who finished first also went back to cheer on their friends.

As a movement ed teacher who teaches at four schools, Mr. Gibson has hundreds and hundreds of students he interacts with on a daily basis. “I strongly believe that movement education, in all aspects, does increase the good behavior we want in the schools from our students and in our society,” Mr. Gibson says. “I feel honored that I do run programs that these students long to come to.”



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