My LCS Story: Darla Mack Edwards

Parent and member of the State Board of Education

Darla has several ties to the Lynchburg City Schools community. She is part of a long line of Lynchburg City Schools graduates, she is a former LCS teacher and administrator, and she is also the proud parent of a child who has attended Lynchburg City Schools.

Darla and her son JR recently moved out of Lynchburg after she got married, but she looks back on her time in Lynchburg City Schools with fond memories and admiration of the LCS teachers.

As a mom who was always with her son, the transition to Kindergarten in a big public school was a difficult time for her. “I was nervous,” she says. But on his first day of school, she was immediately set at ease. “The teacher came out and gave him a big hug and said ‘We are so glad to have you here JR, this is going to be a great year!’” Darla said this simple act made her son feel comfortable, and knowing he was comfortable at his new school, that set her at ease.

Darla had a great relationship with her son’s teachers during his time in LCS. They adapted  to her schedule to maintain active communication about her son’s education. “That just shows the caliber of the teachers … within the city. They will accommodate any parent’s schedule.”

In middle school, JR struggled with math, and his teacher stayed after school to give him and other students extra help. JR went from struggling in math to enjoying math and looking forward to the times where he was able to stay after school. “It’s all about teamwork,” Darla says. “When we can work together as a team … we can all make sure he’s successful.”

Darla has been a member of the Virginia State Board of Education for more than a year. Her commitment and passion for education inspired her to be involved. “To be able to impact educational policy for our entire state, that’s phenomenal!”

Darla says her time in Lynchburg set the foundation for her. “It instilled within me excellence,” she says. “In order to know what excellence is, you’ve got to be surrounded by it.”



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