Section 6 – Instruction

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P 6-1 Mission Statement pdf
P 6-1.1 Objectives pdf
P 6-1.2 Accreditation pdf
P 6-2 Grade Level Organization pdf
P 6-2.1 Kindergarten pdf
P 6-2.2 Charter Schools pdf
R 6-2.2 Charter Schools pdf
P 6-3 Title IX Policy pdf
P 6-4 Controversial Issues pdf
P 6-5 Outside Speakers pdf
P 6-7 School Calendar pdf
R 6-7 School Calendar pdf
P 6-8 School Day pdf
R 6-8 School Day pdf
P 6-9 Emergency Drills  DELETED 03.07.17  
R 6-9 Emergency Drills pdf
P 6-10 Emergency Closing of Schools pdf
R 6-10 Emergency Closing of Schools pdf
P 6-11 Ceremonies and Observances pdf
R 6-11 Ceremonies and Observances pdf
P 6-12 One Minute of Silence pdf
P 6-17 Curriculum: Scope and Sequence pdf
P 6-18 Curriculum and Guides pdf
R 6-18 Curriculum and Guides  pdf
P 6-20 Evaluation of Curriculum and Instructional Program pdf
P 6-22 Alternative Education pdf
P 6-23 Driver Education pdf
R 6-23 Driver Education pdf
P 6-24 Drug Education pdf
P 6-25 Family Life Education (FLE) pdf
R 6-25 Family Life Education (FLE) pdf
P 6-25.1 Character Education pdf
P 6-26 Gifted Students pdf
P 6-27 Physical and Health Education pdf
P 6-28 Special Education pdf
R 6-28 Special Education pdf
R 6-29 Student Admission to Career-Technical Program pdf
P 6-30.1 Remedial Programs pdf
P 6-30.2 Remedial Programs pdf
P 6-30.3 Remedial Programs pdf
P 6-31 Writing Program pdf
R 6-32.1 High School Band Program pdf
P 6-33 Extra Curricular Activities pdf
P 6-34 Interscholastic Competition pdf
R 6-38 Scheduling for Instruction pdf
P 6-40 Instructional Grouping Practices pdf
R 6-40 Instructional Grouping Practices pdf
R 6-40.1 Classroom Assignments for Twins pdf
P 6-41 Homework pdf
P 6-42 Field/Recreation/Class Trips pdf
R 6-42 Field/Recreation/Class Trips pdf
P 6-46 Textbooks pdf
R 6-46 Disposal of Used Textbooks/Library Books and Related Materials  pdf
P 6-47 Instructional Materials pdf
R 6-47 Use of Video Tapes in the Classroom pdf
P 6-48 Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) DELETED 08.05.14 Replaced by New Policy IIBEA/GAB  
R 6-48 Acceptable Use of School Division Technology Resources DELETED 08.05.14  
R 6-49 Copyrighted Materials pdf
R 6-49.1 Copyrighted Materials: Print Material pdf
R 6-49.2 Copyrighted Materials: Computer Programs pdf
R 6-49.3 Copyrighted Materials: Nonprint pdf
R 6-51 Library Media Centers pdf
P 6-53 Counseling Program pdf
P 6-58 Student Evaluation and Grading pdf
R 6-58 Secondary Student Evaluation and Grading Procedures REVISED 09.20.16 pdf
R 6-58.1 Class Rank pdf
P 6-58.2 Senior Final Examination Exemption pdf
R 6-58.3 Grading Scale pdf
P 6-59 Tests pdf
R 6-59 Tests pdf
P 6-60.1 State Testing Program  pdf
P 6-65 Homebound Instruction pdf
P 6-66 Summer School pdf
P 6-67 Adult Education pdf
P 6-70 Day Care Programs pdf
P 6-71 Web Page Guidelines pdf