Tuition Refund Program - Policy P5-35

A. Generally
A tuition refund program has been established by the board which encourages growth of the staff and will benefit the school division. Participants in this program will receive tuition reimbursement as determined by the school board.

B. Criteria for Selection
1. All full-time employees of the Lynchburg City Schools are eligible.

2. The applicant is expected to enroll in courses that are pertinent to the area of assignment of the employee. If the courses are outside of his/her major area of assignment a written justification must be submitted and approved by the superintendent, or his designee, prior to qualifying for a tuition refund. Applicants who fail to submit the justification request prior to enrolling in the class run the risk of being denied tuition refund.

3. If the applicant used other scholarships for a given course he is not eligible to use his tuition refund for that course.

4. The applicant must be under contract with the Lynchburg City Schools for the following school year in order to get tuition reimbursement for summer school courses.

5. New teachers are eligible for participation in this program the day their contract goes into effect.

Adopted by School Board: June 19, 1973
Revised by School Board: September 17, 1974
Revised by School Board: September 17, 1976

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