Sick Leave Bank - Policy P5-38.1

An eligible employee may enroll by donating one day of his/her sick leave to the sick leave bank. Enrollment may be accomplished by submitting the Sick Leave Bank Application form to the director of personnel.

A. Period of Enrollment
1. An employee may enroll within the first 30 days of employment

2. An employee who does not enroll when first eligible may do so between any subsequent August 1 to September 30 period by making application. Such an employee must be enrolled in the plan for six months prior to becoming eligible to utilize the benefits of the sick leave bank.

B. Membership/Participation
1. Membership in the bank shall be continuous unless the employee informs the director of personnel in writing anytime prior to September 30 of his/her intent to withdraw from participation in the sick leave bank.

2. The first 30 consecutive contract days of illness or injury will not be covered by the sick leave bank but must be covered by the employee’s own accumulated leave or leave without pay. A maximum of 30 days each school year can be drawn by any one member.

3. A member of the bank will not be able to utilize sick leave bank benefits until he/she depletes his/her own sick leave. Members utilizing days from the bank will not have to replace these days except as a regular contributory member in accordance with the provisions for assessment.

4. Absences due to procedures or treatments not medically necessary such as face-lifts, due to routine medical problems such as ongoing treatment for a chronic illness, predictable medical events such as the normal recovery period following childbirth, or absences that are a bridge to retirement are not eligible for donated leave.

5. Days drawn from the bank for any one period of eligibility must be consecutive. If the member suffers a recurrence or relapse within 30 days due to the original illness or injury, the member need not meet another 30-contract-day elimination period. Otherwise, members must return to work and must meet the 30-day elimination requirement before becoming eligible to utilize sick leave benefits again.

6. A doctor’s certificate is required before a sick leave bank member can use his/her leave bank entitlement. The employee should submit the statement to the director of personnel.

7. Sick leave bank days are for employee’s use only and do not apply to absence due to family illness.

8. Participants in the sick leave bank will be assessed an additional day (or days) of sick leave at such times as the bank is depleted to 200 days. Notification from the department for personnel of such assessment shall be sent to each member at the time it is determined to be necessary, and the assessment shall be made unless the participant chooses to cease membership in the bank. A member who has no sick leave to contribute at the time of assessment shall be assessed this(these) day(s) from the first sick leave day(s) subsequently accumulated.

9. Upon termination of employment or withdrawal of membership, a participant will not be permitted to withdraw his/her contributed day(s).

C. To Request Leave From the Leave Bank
1. The completed form shall be submitted to the Department of Personnel.

2. The application may be submitted in anticipation of exhaustion of all paid leave, but no member will actually receive donated leave until all paid leave is exhausted.

3. The application must include medical certification from an attending physician that identifies the medical problem and the estimated time period of incapacity, including any restrictions. No application will be considered unless medical information is included.

D. Approval Authority
Decisions to grant leave under this policy will be made by the director of personnel. The decision of the director of personnel is final and is not a grievable action.

Approved by School Board: December 6, 2005
Revised by School Board: March 2, 2010

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