Jury Duty and Subpoenaed Witnesses - Policy P5-41.1

A. Jury Duty
Employees who are called for jury duty will be granted special leave with pay. Any jury pay--not including travel reimbursement--which accrues to the employee must be paid to the school board.

B. Subpoenaed Witnesses
Employees who have been subpoenaed as witnesses may be granted special leave with pay based upon individual extenuating circumstances as determined by the superintendent.

Legal Reference:

Code of Va., § 18.2-465.1. Penalizing employee for court appearance or service on jury panel.--"Any person who is summoned to serve on jury duty or any person, except a defendant in a criminal case, who is summoned or subpoenaed to appear in a court of law when a case is to be heard shall neither be discharged from employment, nor have any adverse personnel action taken against him, nor shall he be required to use sick leave or vacation time, as a result of his absence from employment due to such jury duty or court appearance, upon giving reasonable notice to his employer of such court appearance or summons. Any employer violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a Class 4 misdemeanor." (1988)

Adopted by School Board: November 2, 1982
Revised by School Board: August 9, 1988

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