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Accident and Reporting - Regulation R5-33.1

In the case of an accident or occurrence which results in the injury of an adult in school, on school grounds, or during the official school function at another site, the principal or designee should assist the injured party in seeking appropriate medical attention.  Medical attention for employees should be sought in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 5-33.

All adult accidents/injuries are to be reported promptly to the director for business services using the "Adult Accident Report" form. Employee accidents/injuries are also to be reported to the personnel office.

Legal Reference:

(1994) §§65.2-306, 65.2-312, 65.2-313, 65.2 -604, 65.2 -714, 65.2 -1006 amended. §65.2 -309.1 added.

Code of Va., Title 65.2. Worker's Compensation. §§65.2 -100 through 65.2-1310.

Approved by the Superintendent: September 3, 1985

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