Travel Expenses - Regulation R5-34

A. Generally
The school board annually budgets travel funds to reimburse employees for expenses incurred at certain meetings and conferences. The travel fund is a fixed budget amount. It exists and is administered to support the goals and objectives of the school division.

A staff member may be authorized to attend a meeting or conference without loss of pay and be reimbursed for expenses incurred upon submission of an appropriate application and request for reimbursement. Compensation for travel will be made only when the provisions of this regulation are followed.

B. Budget
To insure the most effective use of travel account funds and provide the maximum return to the school division the following budgetary guidelines will be implemented:

1. The assistant superintendent for instructional services, or his designee, will coordinate and approve all division travel except administrative travel, which is coordinated by the deputy superintendent.

2. Projected travel plans should include the purpose of the conference, date(s) of conference, destination, number attending, method of travel and the approximate cost. A form will be provided.

3. In developing such proposals, school employees in different areas (principals, teachers, counselors, etc.) should be consulted and an effort made to diversify travel so that all areas of activity within the division would benefit. Approximately sixty percent of the travel budget will be encumbered by this process.

4. The remaining funds will be allocated for itinerant travel and other needs that may arise during the school year.

C. Requests
A form entitled "Request to Attend Meeting or Conference" must be completed in duplicate, approved by the employee's immediate supervisor and submitted to the appropriate central office administrator as indicated on this form for his consideration two weeks in advance of anticipated one day trips and four weeks in advance for overnight or longer trips.

D. Approval/Limited Approval/Disapproval
1. All requests are given due consideration. Not all can be fully compensated. The following activities are among those used as guidelines in establishing priorities:

a. Employees conducting official business for the school division and so designated by the administration,

b. Employees invited to present papers, appear on panels or speak to topics reporting on programs and/or activities emanating from this division,

c. Employees desiring to visit other divisions with outstanding programs and/or facilities relevant to ongoing studies within the division,

d. Employees who are officers, officers elect or directors of educational organizations and who do not receive travel reimbursement from the organization concerned.

2. Approval or disapproval of the request will be noted on the copy of the form which is returned to the applicant. In some instances limited approval will be given assuming the employee agrees to share a percentage of the total anticipated costs.

E. Reimbursement
Employees must pay all costs out of their personal funds. After return from an approved trip for which reimbursement is to be made, a completed "Travel Expense Form" should be filled out in duplicate with actual bills or stubs attached and should be returned immediately to the same central office administrator who approved the request to attend the conference or meeting. Reimbursement will be made within two weeks of the time the request is submitted.

1. For overnight expenses and airline or railroad travel, hotel and ticket receipts must accompany the form.

2. Automobile travel expense is reimbursed at rate per mile as determined annually by the school board. Personnel going to the same meeting are expected to travel together, four people per car.

3. While attending out-of-town meetings, school personnel are requested to remain within reasonable limits for meals and overnight accommodations.

Approved by Superintendent: August 4, 1981
Approved by Superintendent: August 20, 1984

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