Tuition Refund Program - Regulation R5-35

Full-time employees of the Lynchburg City Schools are eligible for tuition refunds not to exceed the amount approved in the operating budget each year. For purposes of this program, the year shall be from July 1 through June 30.

Application forms for participation in this program are available from the director for personnel services. Staff members desiring to participate in this program will submit application, with recommendation of the principal, to the department for personnel services.

The applicant must complete courses with a satisfactory grade as determined by the participating institution. The personnel office will give each participant a form on which the course instructor is asked to indicate successful completion of the course and the grade attained. The completed form or a grade report from the college/university and a tuition receipt are required before reimbursement can be made. The participant should send these to the department for personnel services immediately after the course ends.  The school fiscal year ends June 30; therefore, requests for reimbursement should be submitted no later than June 20. If requests are received after June 20, a refund will be counted in the applicant's tuition refund allocation for the following year.

An employee will be entitled to receive a reimbursement equal only to the amount of the allocated tuition refund established for the school year in which a course(s) was taken. An employee will not be permitted to request reimbursement, in the next fiscal year, in excess of the allocated amount during the school year in which the course(s) was taken. If an employee submits the necessary documents for reimbursement after the June 20 deadline, the tuition refund will total no more than the unused amount for which the employee would have been eligible during the year in which the course(s) was taken.

Approved by Superintendent: September 17, 1976
Revised by Superintendent: December 1, 1982
Revised by Superintendent: August 20, 1984
Revised by Superintendent: September 16, 1998

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