Section 3 – Administration Policies

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P 3-1 Administration Goals pdf
P 3-3 Consultants pdf
R 3-3 Consultants pdf
P 3-5 Superintendent: Qualifications pdf
P 3-6 Superintendent: Recruitment and Selection Procedures pdf
P 3-7 Superintendent: Appointment/Term of Office/Oath/Compensation pdf
P 3-8 Superintendent: Powers/Duties/Responsibilities pdf
P 3-9 Evaluation of the Superintendent pdf
P 3-12 Lines of Responsibility pdf
R 3-12 Organizational Chart pdf
P 3-13 Job Descriptions pdf
R 3-13 Job Descriptions pdf
R 3-13.1 Job Description Revision Procedure pdf
P 3-15 Communications with the Staff pdf
P 3-17 Personnel Advisory Committee pdf
R 3-17 Personnel Advisory Committee pdf
P 3-19 Administrative Action in Absence of Policy pdf
P 3-20 Review of Administrative Decisions pdf
P 3-26.1 Title IX Americans with Disabilities Coordinator pdf
P 3-32 Administrative Responsibility of Building Principal pdf
P 3-39 Conditions of Employment pdf
P 3-41 Appointment pdf
P 3-42 Assignment and Transfer pdf
P 3-43 Probation and Reassignment pdf
P 3-44 Evaluation of Administrators and Supervisors pdf
R 3-44 Administrative/Supervisory Evaluation pdf
R 3-45 Administrative Salary Schedules pdf
P 3-47 Conventions, Meetings, and Institutes pdf
P 3-48 Staff Members as Consultants Outside the Division pdf
P 3-49 Professional Development pdf