Section D – Fiscal Management

If the hyperlink has not been activated then the School Board has not adopted the policy.

DA - Management of Funds
DB - Annual Budget
DG - Custody and Disbursement of School Funds
DGC - School Activity Funds
DGD - Funds for Instructional Materials and Office Supplies
DI - Financial Accounting and Reporting
DIA - Reporting Per Pupil Costs
DJ - Small Purchasing 
DJA - Purchasing Authority 
DJB - Petty Cash Funds
DJF - Purchasing Procedures
DJG - Vendor Relations
DK - Payment Procedures
DL - Payroll Procedures 
DLB - Salary Deductions
DLC - Expense Reimbursements
DM - Cash in School Buildings 
DN - Disposal of Surplus Items
DO - Non-Locally Funded Programs