Section E – Support Services

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EA Support Services  
EB School Crisis, Emergency Management, and Medical Emergency Response Plan  
EBA Buildings and Grounds Inspection  
EBAA Reporting of Hazards  
EBAB Possible Exposure to Viral Infections  
EBB Threat Assessment Teams REVISED 07.12.16 pdf
EBBA Emergency First Aid, CPR and AED Certified Personnel  
EBBB Personnel Training-Viral Infections  
EBCB Safety Drills NEW 03.07.17 pdf
EBCD School Closings  
EC Buildings and Grounds Management and Maintenance  
ECA Inventory and Reporting of Loss or Damage  
ECAB Vandalism  
EDC Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials pdf
EDC-R Community Use of School Facilities-Use of Equipment pdf
EEA Student Transportation Services EEAB  
EEAB School Bus Scheduling and Routing   
EEAC School Bus Safety Program  
EEAD Special Use of School Buses pdf
EF Food Service Management  
EFB Free and Reduced Price Food Services  
EFD Food Sanitation Program  
EGAA Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials  
EI Insurance Management