Section I – Instruction

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IA Instructional Goals and Objectives   
IAA Notification of Learning Objectives  
IB Academic Freedom NEW 07.12.16 pdf
IC/ID School Year/School Day  
IE Moment of Silence   
IEA Pledge of Allegiance   
IEB National Motto  
IEC Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States  
IF Curriculum Development and Adoption  
IGA Basic Instructional Program  
IGAD Career and Technical Education   
IGAE/IGAF Health/Physical Education  
IGAG Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco  
IGAH Family Life Education   
IGAI Character Education   
IGAJ Driver Education  
IGAK Alternatives to Animal Dissection  
IGBA Programs for Students with Disabilities  
IGBB Programs for Gifted Students  
IGBC Parental Involvement  
IGBE Remedial and Summer Instruction Program  
IGBF Limited English Proficient Students  
IGBG Homebound, Correspondence, and Alternative Means of Instruction  
IGBGA Online Courses and Virtual School Programs  
IGBH Alternative School Programs  
IGBI Advanced Placement Classes and Special Programs  
IGDA Student Organizations  
IGE Adult Education  
IHA Grouping for Instruction  
IHB Class Size  
IIA Instructional Materials  
IIAA Textbook Selection, Adoption, and Purchase  
IIAB Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption  
IIAE Innovative or Experimental Programs  
IIBD School Libraries/Media Centers   
IIBEA Acceptable Computer System Use (Also GAB) .pdf
IIBEA-R Acceptable Computer System Use (Also GAB-R) pdf
IIBEA-E Sample Letter to Parents: Acceptable Computer System Use pdf
IIBEA-E2 Acceptable Computer System Use Agreement (also GAB-E1) pdf
IICA Field Trips  
IICB/IICC Community Resource Persons/School Volunteers pdf
IICB-R/IICC-R Community Resource Persons/School Volunteers pdf
IJ Guidance and Counseling Program REVISED 04.04.17 pdf
IKA Parental Assistance with Instruction  
IKB Homework  
IKEB Acceleration  
IKF Standards of Learning Tests and Graduation Requirements  
IKFA Locally Awarded Verified Credits  
IKG Remediation Recovery Program  
IKH Retaking SOL Assessments  
IL Testing Programs  
INB Teaching about Controversial Issues  
INDC Religion in the Schools