Section K – School-Community Relations

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KA Goals for School-Community Relations pdf
KB Public Information Program pdf
KB-R News Media pdf
KB-R Exhibit Refusal of Permission/Media Opt Out Form pdf
KBA Requests for Information  
KBC Media Relations pdf
KBE Internet Privacy  
KBEZ Internet Privacy NEW 04.04.17 pdf
KC Community Involvement in Decision Making  
KD Public Participation at Board Meetings (Also BDDH) pdf
KF Distribution of Information/Materials pdf
KFB Administration of Surveys and Questionnaires NEW 05.19.16 pdf
KG Community Use of School Facilities REVISED 02.27.17 pdf
KG-R Community Use of School Facilities: Rules and Conditions pdf
KGA Sales and Solicitations in Schools pdf
KGB Public Conduct on School Property pdf
KGC Use of Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes on School Premises pdf
KGZ Community Use of School Facilities: Use of School Grounds pdf
KH Public Gifts to the Schools   pdf
KHZ-R Gifts, Donations and Bequests   pdf
KJ Advertising in the Schools  pdf
KK School Visitors REVISED 04.28.15 pdf
KKA Service Animals in Public Schools  pdf
KL Public Complaints  pdf
KLB Public Complaints About Learning Resources   pdf
KLB-E Request for Reconsideration of Learning Resources Form pdf
KMA Relations with Parent Organizations  pdf
KMAZ-R Principal's Parent Advisory Council pdf
KMZ-R Superintendent's Parent Advisory Council pdf
KN Sex Offender Registry Notification pdf
KNA Violent Sex Offenders on School Property  pdf
KNAJ Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities NEW 07.12.16 pdf
KP Parental Rights and Responsibilities  
KQ Commercial Partnerships  
KZ Contests for Students pdf