Supply Lists


Click here to download the complete Sheffield Supply Lists 2017-2018 pdf


Kindergarten Supply List

Crayons (24 box) 4 boxes
School glue (8 oz) 3 bottles Elmer’s preferred
Scissors (Fiskars brand preferred)
Washable markers (8 pack) Crayola Classic (fat)
School box (plastic)
Large rubber eraser
Pencils (regular size)
Backpack (no rolling type)
1 large box of tissues
Package of construction paper
Ziploc bags (girls-sandwich or quart size-boys-gallon size)
4 pack of Play-doh (not mini cans)
Plastic pocket folder-must be durable
2 marble type composition book
Container of baby wipes
Agenda-purchased at Sheffield
Please send a healthy snack each day

Classroom Wish List
Paper plates-non coated-no Styrofoam
Brown or white lunch bags
Dry erase markers
Colored printer paper


First Grade Supply List

Box of crayons (24 pack) no colored pencils or markers
2 big erasers
6 large glue sticks
Zippered pencil pouch
2 folders
3 marbled composition notebooks
Clorox Wipes
2 boxes of Tissues
Agenda purchased at Sheffield

Please no three ring or spiral notebooks, pencil sharpeners or clipboards.  We also request that the children keep markers and writing pens at home.

Classroom Wish List
Whiteboard markers
Ziploc bags (sandwich, quart, or gallon size)
Wooden yellow pencils
Cap Erasers
Construction Paper
Colored Printer Paper



Second Grade Supply List

#2 wooden pencils-not wrapped (2 boxes of 24)
1 box of cap erasers                                            
Crayons (3 boxes of 24)
Glue Sticks (18 count)
Sturdy pencil bag (not a school box)
2 sturdy folders
6 composition books-marble ones preferred
    2 purple (for spelling)
    4 marble ones, any color
2 boxes of tissues
1 box of quart or gallon size Ziploc bags
Clorox/Lysol wipes or 1 pk of Expo dry erase markers
Hand sanitizer
Ear Bud headphones-optional
Agenda purchased at Sheffield

1 box of subtraction flash cards and 1 box of addition flash cards to use and keep at home.


Third Grade Supply List

8 spiral notebooks, wide-ruled – no binders
    (2 red, 2 green, 2 blue, 2 yellow)
3 pocket folders – any color               
1 pair of Fiskar scissors
2 bottles of school glue
4 boxes of 24 #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)
3 boxes of crayons (no more than 24 in each pack)
8 glue sticks
1  4-pack of dry erase markers (any color)
1 container of anti-bacterial wipes
1 large zippered supply bag or box
1 package of wide-ruled loose leaf paper
1 box of slide-lock bags – quart or gallon size
Agenda purchased at Sheffield
*No markers
*Please leave crayons in the original boxes
*Write your child’s name on notebooks, folders, and boxes.


Fourth Grade Supply List

10 composition books
    (2 yellow, 2 black, 2 red, 2 blue, 1 purple, 1 green)
2 double-sided plastic pocket folders
3 boxes of #2 pencils
1 box of classic Crayola markers
1 canvas pocket pouch for storing supplies                
1 large box of colored pencils  
6 large glue sticks
1 pair of scissors
2 large boxes of tissues
3 red pens   
3 highlighters
1 box of 24 crayons             
Agenda purchased at Sheffield                      

Your choice of disinfectant surface cleaning wipes or gallon Ziploc bags


Fifth Grade Supply List

1 pack of wide ruled notebook paper
7 spiral notebooks (70 sheet count or more)
2 folders for homework/classwork
3 boxes of tissues
3 boxes of #2 pencils
1 box cap erasers
2 boxes of crayons (markers are optional)   
2 packs of index cards
18 ct. glue sticks
1 pack of red pens
2 pack of highlighters
Zipper pouch for supplies
Clorox wipes
Hand sanitizer
1 box sandwich or quart Ziploc bags (girls)
1 box gallon Ziploc bags (boys)
Agenda purchased at Sheffield


Click here to download the complete Sheffield Supply Lists 2017-2018 pdf