In Latin 1 at DMS, students learn the basics of the Latin language as well as how Latin relates to our own English language.  Through the study of Latin, students will improve their English reading and writing skills.

In addition to the study of the language, students also explore the culture and civilization of the ancient Romans.  Students develop an appreciation for a culture different from their own, and also discover the contributions that the Romans have made to our own modern civilization.

In order to make the study of Latin more lively for students, hands-on and creative activities are incorporated into the language lessons.  Students film their own short Latin skits, make audio recordings in Latin to practice their pronunciation, and research and present semester projects on a wide array of Roman culture and civilization topics.

This year, for instance, students learned about the history of our modern holiday of Halloween, and its relation to ancient Roman practices.  Students were then introduced to a set of spooky Latin words and phrases for Halloween and were allowed to make their own Halloween treat bag.  Students were required to write the Latin words and phrases on their bag, and incorporated their own artwork as well.