Request Transcripts Prior to Graduation

Prior to graduation students may need a transcript for college applications, scholarship applications, special programs, or jobs. These are available through the counseling department by requesting that transcripts be released to specific locations. The request requires a signature by the parent/guardian or by the individual student if they are 18 years or older. It is also especially helpful to know if there is an application deadline so the transcript will arrive in a timely manner.

Request a Transcript Prior to Graduation

  • Secure a Transcript Release Form
  • Fill out the Transcript Release Form with all required information
  • Hand deliver the Transcript Release Form to the counselor
  • A fee of $3.00 is required for all other transcripts.
  • Cash, money order, or a check made payable to E. C. Glass is accepted. A contact telephone number must be written on your check.
  • Transcripts are not Official unless an official school seal is affixed to the document and it arrives in a sealed envelope.
  • Three weeks processing time is required for each request.

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