Occupational Therapy

Our goal in OT is to have fun with the students while working on improving their fine and visual motor skills.  We try to start or end our sessions with something pleasurable that builds a connection between the student and therapist.  Of course this is different for each person but often includes movement, song, and deep pressure touch in some combination. 

In OT sessions we do many different kinds of activities that help our students build strength in their arms and hands.  We ride scooters lying on our tummy and pushing with our arms.  We push and pull things.  We work with pegs, blocks, pop and stringing beads, and putty.  We learn to draw lines and shapes, do mazes and trace and cut with scissors.   We begin to write letters, our name and then words and sentences.  We paint and do seasonal and holiday crafts.  

Some learn to type.  Others learn to use eye gaze.  Everyone works and learns.

The occupational therapist that serves the students at Laurel. 

  • Deborah Friedman, OTR/Lhas over 17 years of experience working with children of all abilities in both schools and clinics.  She has a special interest in working with young people with autism and has training in Sensory Integration and Floor Time.