Mrs. Dearden's Farewell to 5th Graders

Well students, you’ve done it!
Elementary years are past
I hope you’ve made memories
And friendships that last.

Onward and forward
Out you go!
Greater things to accomplish
Much more to know!

We hope you’ll remember
All that you’ve learned
PEMDAS, rock types,
And how the Earth turns

Planets, equations
Bordering states
Civil War battles and
Tectonic plates

And reading, yes reading
Such a critical skill
I know that you will!

All these things are important
As I’m sure you well know
But one more thing I’ll say
Before I let you go

More important than reading, writing, and math
Is the person you are inside
When you look in the mirror
That’s you looking back
And you want to have nothing to hide

You want to be kind, honest and true
A friend to someone in need
Helpful and thoughtful, respectful to all
Not just with words, but in deeds

You’re growing into the person you’ll be
When many years have gone past
The choices you make will shape who you are
So make good decisions that last!

Someday you’ll look back on your Linkhorne years
All the victories and all that you tried
And I hope you will smile, think back for a while,
And know you were ROARING WITH PRIDE!


  • Be careful what you ask for . . . you may get it! (my pony)
  • Choose your friends wisely - A real friend NEVER encourages you to do wrong!
  • A question for all the adults in the room. How many of you married your middle school crush?  Students - look around. It’s not as serious as you think it is.
  • If it doesn’t concern you, stay out of it! (Remember my son Daniel’s advice.)
  • Stay curious. There is more to know and learn than you could ever know or learn!
  • Be thankful. No matter how tough things may be, if you think about it, you’ll find you have much to be thankful for. If you doubt this, write a list.
  • And in the words of Tim McGraw, always be humble and kind!