Boys Soccer

Coach: Jeff Jensen

Date Time Site School
16-Mar-17 5:00 Away Forest
20-Mar-17 5:45 Away Appomattox (DH)
21-Mar-17 5:45 Away LCA (DH)
22-Mar-17 5:15 Home Dunbar (DH)
23-Mar-17 5:00 Home Rustburg (COED)
28-Mar-17 4:30 Away Amherst (COED)
30-Mar-17 5:15 Home Linkhorne (DH)
4-Apr-17 5:00 Away Bedford
6-Apr-17 5:00 Home Brookville
18-Apr-17 4:30 Away Monelison (COED)
20-Apr-17 5:15 Away Dunbar (DH)
25-Apr-17 5:00 Away Forest
1-May-17 4:30 Home Monelison (COED)
2-May-17 4:30 Away Rustburg (COED)
4-May-17 5:00 Home Amherst (COED)
11-May-17 5:30 Home Bedford
16-May-17 5:00 Away Brookville

DH = double header. Girls play first game, boys play after conclusion of girls game.

In order for a student to be eligible to participate in sports, that student must pass 5 classes per semester to remain eligible. Student athletes receiving a grade in any subject of less than "C" on an interim or report card shall be assigned to study hall and shall remain in study hall until the next interim or report card on which all grade are "C" or better.