Published on Fri., February 16, 2007

Economic Development Partnership This is a one-year Master Partnership between the Lynchburg City Schools and the Office of Economic Development in cooperation with the Lynchburg Industrial Development Authority. The partnership will be renewed annually upon review and mutual consent of all parties.

Plan Description:

This partnership is designed to provide experiential education programs for students Grades 6-12. A variety of activities will be available to students, parents, and staff in an effort to support, promote, and enhance the instructional program of the Lynchburg City Schools as it relates to the economic development of the City.
Major Objectives:

  • To utilize the staff and resources of the Office of Economic Development to enhance the secondary instructional program of the Lynchburg City Schools.
  • To foster and/or develop collaboration with Lynchburg businesses and industries in an effort to develop the future workforce.
  • To create a partnership which enables personnel from LCS and local businesses and industries to interact and collaborate in an effort to develop a stronger, sustainable economy for the City of Lynchburg.

Major Activities:

  • Conduct tours of Lynchburg businesses and industries for selected 6th grade students.
  • Develop and implement "Mentor One" program for 8th grade students.
  • Provide small group business visits and luncheons for 12th grade students.
  • Provide a business etiquette event for 12th grade students.
  • Host a career fair for E. C. Glass High School students.
  • Implement "Just Hire One" program for E. C. Glass High School students.
  • Provide liaison between Career-Technical Education programs and business/industry.
  • Establish summer internships for selected teachers.
  • Coordinate activities to be conducted by business leaders as requested by school principals.


All parties will provide written evaluation of partnership activities by completing a partnership evaluation form at the end of the school year.

Team Members

Ms. Mary Jane Russell, Director; Office of Economic Development
Ms. Margette Glass, Business Relations Manager; Office of Economic Development
Mr. Bob Clarke, Chairman; Lynchburg Industrial Development Authority
Ms. Shirley Deen, Office of Economic Development
Ms. Charlene Watson, Consultant; Office of Economic Development
Dr. Merle Herndon, Director for Professional Development/School Business Partnership
Mr. Bob Kearns, Principal; Linkhorne Middle School
Mr. Jay Sales, Principal; Sandusky Middle School
Mr. Brian Wray, Principal; Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School for Innovation
Mrs. Suasn Morrison, Principal; E.C. Glass High School

Mr. Robert Miller, Principal; Heritage High School

Mrs. Linda Cole, Director for Alternative and Adult Education

Mr. Ed Dellinger, Career-Technical Education Supervisor

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