Published on Thu., November 5, 2009

Plan Description:

Partnership between Country Cookin and Lynchburg City SchoolsThis partnership is being established to provide resources to strengthen educational programs within individual schools.

Major Objectives:

  • To provide certificates and food coupons to students for incentives
  • To assist faculty and staff in expanding parent, family and community involvement in the educational process.

Major Activities:

  • Country Cookin will provide certificates and food coupons for incentives.
  • Country Cookin will provide opportunities for fundraising events.
  • Country Cookin will provide field trip opportunities through the “Learning about Healthy Eating” Program.
  • Country Cookin will provide special pricing for events within the schools.
  • Country Cookin will provide a principals’ lunch for each school honoring four students once a year at no charge.


All parties will provide a written evaluation of partnership activities by completing a partnership evaluation form at the end of the school year.

Partnership Coordinators:

Team Members:
Dr. Merle Herndon, Director for Professional Development/School Business Partnerships
Jessie Cobbs, General Manager, Country Cookin, Timberlake Road
Becky Phillips, Assistant Manager, Country Cookin, Timberlake Road

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