Published on Thu., November 5, 2009

Plan Description:

This partnership is designed to provide educational opportunities for students at the Amelia Pride Center.

Major Objectives:

  • To utilize the staff and resources of Couples & Kids to enhance the educational program.
  • The teach students the benefits of working collaboratively with peers
  • To provide an anger management course
    • Recognize anger as a healthy response to stress/conflict
    • Identify constructive and destructive communication styles
    • Identify and implement techniques/strategies for cooling down
    • Identify alternatives to fighting

Major Activities:

  • Students will avoid use of destructive communication while increasing use of positive communication through cooperative games and role playing.
  • Students will reshape trigger thoughts and anger distortions through cognitive behavioral exercises.
  • Students will use games and interactive activities to build students’ awareness of alternative responses to stress.
  • Students will recognize personal cost of anger through interactive exercises.


All parties will provide a written evaluation of partnership activities by completing a partnership evaluation form at the end of the school year.

Partnership Coordinators:

Team Members:
Mrs. Linda Cole, Director for Alternative Education for Lynchburg City Schools
Mr. Ray Pate, Lead teacher, 8th Grade Program
Dr. Merle Herndon, Director for Professional Development/School Business Partnerships
Mrs. Norma White, Clinical Director, Couples & Kids

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