Published on Thu., August 9, 2012
(Effective 8/7/12)

Lynchburg City Schools believes that school attendance is directly related to academic achievement and to the development of good attendance habits that are important in the work world. Optimum student attendance is a cooperative effort, and Lynchburg City Schools expects parents and students to take active roles in accepting that responsibility.


  • Excused absences will only be granted for specific reasons. (examples-sick, death in the family) refer to school board policy 7-15.
  • Absences will be unexcused if notes signed by the parent, guardian or medical professional are not received by the school within 24 hours of the student’s return to school, even if the parent or guardian has called.  
  • (example-sick on Monday, return on Tuesday, must have note no later than Wednesday, If a note is sent  on Thursday the absence is unexcused)
  • Notes received late will not change the absence from an unexcused absence to an excused absence.
  • When a student accumulates five unexcused absences during the semester, parents will be notified in writing and a conference will be required.
  • At this conference, school staff member, the student, and the student’s parent/guardian will review the attendance record,and develop a plan to resolve the student’s absences.
    • If absences continue and a student accumulates seven days of unexcused absences:
      • A referral will be made to Lynchburg City Schools’ Department of Student Services for truancy
      • The Department of Student Services will review all truancy referrals
      • Parents/guardians will be contacted by letter from the City Attorney’s Office
      • Lynchburg City Schools will make a referral to the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court
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