Published on Thu., September 27, 2012

All parents of school-aged children and youth who receive special education services in Virginia’s schools are encouraged to complete the Virginia Department of Education’s annual Parent Involvement Survey. This survey is not intended to measure satisfaction with the special education program. It is designed to determine whether or not the school facilitated parent involvement. The English and Spanish versions of the survey have been combined into one survey with both languages.

If you are unable to take the survey online, your child’s school will provide paper versions for your use. All paper versions of the survey will include a pre-addressed, postage-paid return envelope.  All responses will be sent directly to the Virginia Department of Education.

If you have questions related to the Parent Involvement Survey, please contact Patricia Haymes at the Virginia Department of Education (804) 786-0116.

This survey will be available September 15, 2012 to June 30, 2013

This online survey may be found at:

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