Published on Mon., December 15, 2014

As you are likely aware, LCS has been exploring the possibility of modifying the calendar in future years in order to ensure that we have the best schedule for helping our students to succeed. We appreciate those of you who were able to be a part of the forums held last week--we now also want to open up the opportunity to provide input through a survey at the link below.  

Our current study is supported by a grant we received from VDOE this fall that funds districts who already have a year-round school to explore calendar changes in other schools in the district. Why would we want to pursue a grant to conduct such a study? There are a few key reasons: 1) Bass Elementary School has been on an adjusted calendar for the last 10 years and attributes some of its success in outperforming similar schools to the calendar it has; 2) Research has repeatedly pointed to summer learning loss that occurs for some students during a long summer break; 3) We want to continually improve, and engaging thoughtfully in a study of what we do and what others do, to guide our decisions, can only make us better.  

We have entered this study wanting to be completely open to several possible directions in the future--keeping our schedule as it is, changing the schedule at a small number of additional LCS schools, or modifying the calendar across the district. This fall the study has focused on reviewing the research, engaging with the Bass community to glean lessons learned, visiting schools outside of LCS who are on different calendars, and gathering input from staff and community. In late January, the consultant hired to run this study will then present recommendations to the School Board. We anticipate there would then be 1-2 months during which some more specific options will be shared out for feedback. At this stage of the process, we are seeking input to help guide what some of those options might be. Absolutely no decisions have been made on any calendar change, if there will be a calendar change, or when a change would go into place if we do go forward. This is your opportunity to give input to guide those next steps.  

We hope you could take a few minutes before December 31st to share your thoughts at the link below. Then, stay tuned for updates in late January.  

Modified Academic Calendar Parent Survey


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