Published on Wed., April 5, 2017

SEAC presents inclusion material to Bedford Hills staff.During the month of March Lynchburg City Schools celebrated their first "Disability Awareness Month." The momentum for the awareness month stemmed from the Lynchburg City Schools Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC).  The LCS SEAC provided feedback and support to the Office for Exceptional Learners. Additionally, the Office for Exceptional Learners collaborated with the Office for Student Engagement, Equity, and Opportunity to create weekly Inclusion Spotlights (tips) for all LCS staff members that went out each week to all staff members. At the end of March, each LCS staff member was also given a small thank you card with contact information for the Office for Exceptional Learners if they wanted more information. Lastly, the LCS SEAC requested that materials related to the topic of inclusion and inclusive practices be purchased to support Lynchburg City Schools. On Wednesday March 29th members of the LCS SEAC along with a representative from the Office of Exceptional Learners went to three of our schools to present the materials. Also, two sets of materials will be housed in Central Office as part of a resource library available to any school across the division.

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