Published on Thu., April 6, 2017

They may be too young to go to college, but LCS elementary school students are getting ready anyway. Over 800 students from nine elementary schools participated in the 2nd Annual Student-Produced College Fairs sponsored by the Beacon of Hope. Students researched a two- or four-year college located in Virginia and took great pride in showing off what they learned.

Kindergarten through 5th graders participated in 120 total hours of curriculum during the school year through Beacon of Hope and LCS’s Kids to College Initiative. These activities culminated with the Student-Produced Kids to College Fairs during the first week of April.

Beacon of Hope’s Kids to College Program was created so students would begin thinking about their future as early as Kindergarten.

The Kids to College curriculum focuses on two levels of students: grades K-2 and grades 3-5. In Grades K-2, the lessons begin with students learning which year they will graduate high school (for some of our youngest students it can be 2032!) and what it will take to successfully meet this goal. In grades 3-5, students participated in a four- and two-year college fair, held at their respective elementary schools. At the beginning of the Kids to College Program, students were given a Virginia college/university or trade program to research. Students, with the help of volunteers from our local colleges, put together a display representing their college. Acting as virtual admissions representatives from that particular college (dressing the part and able to answer questions) students presented to their school and community.

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