Published on Thu., December 14, 2017

 The Lynchburg City Schools Education Foundation, Inc.’s Board of Directors recently awarded 42 Classroom Innovation Grants totaling $86,177.58 to Lynchburg City Schools teachers. Now in its 26th year, this program provides funds to a wide range of innovative projects and programs, such as the exploration of cultural art, hands-on environmental studies, learning through virtual reality, anti-bullying initiatives, and eclipse glasses for all LCS students, faculty and staff to enjoy the August 2017 eclipse. To date, $801,821.28 has been awarded through the program.

This year’s fifty nine corporate sponsors include: Genworth Foundation, BWX Technologies, Lynchburg Economic Development Authority, AREVA, Belvac Production Machinery, Wells Fargo, Fleet Laboratories, Piedmont Community Health Plan, Carrington Family Foundation, Appalachian Power, Walmart (Old Forest Road and Wards  Road), Walmart Neighborhood Market, WestRock, Harris Corporation, Dodson Brothers Pest Control, LSC Communications, ABC 13 WSET-TV, BB&T, Dover Foundation, First Piedmont Corporation, Greater Lynchburg Community Trust- Karen K. & William E. Painter Fund, Roger & Winston Green, Innovative Wireless Technologies, Merryman Foundation, MH Masonry and Associates, Sam’s Club, Wegmann USA, American National Bank, Bank of the James, Candler Oil, Centra Foundation, Central Virginia Federal Credit Union, Coldwell Banker Commercial Read & Co., Coleman-Adams Construction, Dominion Seven Architects, The Education & Research Foundation Inc., Electronic Design & Manufacturing Company, Generation Solutions, Hanwha Azdel, Harman Eye Center, Harrington Corporation, HumanKind, Hurt & Proffitt, LG Flint General Contractors, Master Engineers & Designers, Moore & Giles, The News & Advance, Old Dominion Wood Products, R.M. Gantt Construction, Scott Insurance, Successful Innovations, Elizabeth Sumpter and Brian Carlton, Kim & Stephen Tibbs, TRAX LLC, Virgnia School Equipment, Westminster Canterbury, Wiley|Wilson, Wooldridge Heating • Air • Electric.

For more information about the Classroom Innovation Grant Program and the LCS Education Foundation, Inc. contact Jodi K. Gillette, Executive Director (515-5081) or

Below are the projects that received grants for the 2017-2018 school year:


August 21 Eclipse Viewing
All Lynchburg City Schools Students and Staff – Science Coaches: Maria Jaeger, Anne Berry, Suzanne Brawn
Grant Sponsor:  Genworth Foundation

The purpose of this project is to provide k-12 students with an opportunity to safely observe and study the phenomena of a solar eclipse. Activities created for k-12 students are intended to enhance interest in, understanding of, and appreciation for the science of an eclipse.

The International Save a Life Tour and YOVASO Summer Leadership Retreat
Heritage High School – Teacher and SRO: Stacy Preston, Ronald Coleman
Grant Sponsors: Piedmont Community Health Plan, Scott Insurance, Wiley|Wilson , Wooldridge Heating · Air · Electric

The purpose of this project is to provide our students with the education and information they need to become safer drivers by showing them the dangers of impaired/distracted driving and other unsafe driving practices.

 Building the 4CS
 R. S. Payne Elementary School – Teacher: Tracy Proffitt
Grant Sponsor: Wells Fargo

The purpose of this project is to provide a durable, large-scale building kit called Rigamajig that will be used by all R. S. Payne students. Rigamajig is a collection of wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts and rope designed to engage the inquisitive mind and creative spirit of children. This system will support R. S. Payne’s established STREAM Lab program and continue developing students’ interest and abilities in engineering.  Rigamajig is a system that is used in a group, so students will improve in and reflect on collaboration and communication while using it. The open-ended nature of this tool also allows students to progress in their use of creativity and critical thinking. Through the use of Rigamajig, all R. S. Payne students will be working towards building the 4Cs: collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. 

Experience Natural Bridge the Topo Way
Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School for Innovation – Teacher: Kenna Tarkenton
Grant Sponsors: Hurt & Proffitt, WestRock

The purpose of this project is to provide all Earth Science students with an outdoor experience that will provide real-world applications of concepts learned as a part of the course curriculum. Students will travel via Lynchburg City School buses to Natural Bridge State Park in Natural Bridge, VA. Accompanied by at least 10 adult chaperones, students will tour the caverns, partake in a Karst walk and talk, mine for gems and minerals, and be introduced to meteorology and its impact on the natural environment. This experience provides the hands-on applications that help students solidify their understandings of the course content. 

Take Us Where the Bus Can’t
Paul Munro Elementary School – Teachers: Kirsten Filiberto, Lily Rojas Palm
Grant Sponsor: Carrington Family Foundation

The purpose of this project is to provide students with a way to take virtual field trips to places a school bus cannot. Our third-grade students enter the classroom lacking important background knowledge and experiences that hinder their learning. They need a way to experience the different places we will be learning about. They need to make connections between what they are learning, and where they are, or where they took place. This is the only way our students will be able to experience most of these places.

Empowerment to Employment
Empowerment Academy – Teachers: Tara Fesler, Kacey Crabbe
Grant Sponsor: Lynchburg Economic Development Authority

The purpose of this project/proposal is to provide Empowerment Academy students, many of whom are at-risk of graduating, the opportunity to develop themselves into work-ready individuals with the soft-skills and workforce-skills to be successful when they enter post-secondary education or gainful employment. Our EA students will develop through hands-on experiences and internships, while simultaneously involving mentors and local employers to help our students to become more work-ready, to remove obstacles to success, and to be better prepared to contribute to our local economy.

The purpose of this project/proposal is also to provide students who choose the college path with professional and educational skill development through individualized mentoring and academic supports, which include comprehension of course requirements, researching and visiting colleges, and completing the application and financial process.

The outcomes for Empowerment to Employment include (1) Improved soft-skills and barrier-removal abilities for our at-challenge students, (2) career inventories that help create pathways for education and employment for our students, (3) opportunities for internships and work experience, (4) development of portfolios that will assist our students in obtaining jobs or post-secondary credentialing/degrees, (5) a mentor/significant other who can help students navigate when unexpected obstacles arise, (6) hope for a brighter future.

Building Access to Success through STREAM
W. M. Bass Elementary School – Teacher: Eve Shrader
Grant Sponsor: BWX Technologies, Inc.

The purpose of this project/proposal is to provide all the students, kindergarten through fifth grade, at W. M. Bass Elementary School weekly opportunities to engage in innovative inquiry and project-based learning addressing grade level content standards Reading, Math, and Science. We are preparing and supplying a STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, Math) lab in which students will use a variety of resources including technology to collaborate, build, explore, and create. The aforementioned learning opportunities will scaffold the development of problem solving and higher order thinking skills among the students as they have the freedom to tackle challenges using their own creativity and ingenuity. In addition, students will plan, construct, and improve designs in a collaborative setting in which all ideas will be considered and appreciated. Students will be expected to complete a series of rubric supported and assessed projects throughout the year by certain dates, using the supplies requested in our budget. These skills are crucial for student success both academically and socially not only now, but throughout their lives.

Building Community through Public Art:  Totem Poles
E. C. Glass High School and Linkhorne Middle School – Teachers: Kimberly Gibson-McDonald, Marsha Carwile

Grant Sponsors: Greater Lynchburg Community Trust, Greater Lynchburg Community Trust Teacher Fund

Through the study of Indian tribes of North America, students will create collaborative totems out of clay. At E. C. Glass High School, the totems will represent a “story of peace” for the E. C. Glass community while at Linkhorne Middle School each totem pole will represent a different tribe. The E. C. Glass Students will write the stories “of peace” and using the symbolism of animals, they will communicate the stories visually, through the final clay totem pole. At Linkohrne Middle School, the project is designed to be an interdisciplinary activity to complement the history and English curriculums through artistic expression as well as their written artistic statements. At both schools students will learn how to work collaboratively to create a permanent piece of public artwork for their school communities.

Creating a Spartan Drama Program
Sandusky Middle School – Teacher: Patricia Rapiejko
Grant Sponsors: Belvac Production Machinery, Candler Oil Company, Liz Sumpter & Brian Carlton

The purpose of this project is to provide Sandusky Middle School with initial resources required to begin a Drama Program. Funding is sought to seed not only the classroom elective, but the whole program including an after-school program and a production group to create public community performances. As the only middle school in the division without a program promoting Theatre as a performing arts discipline, Sandusky has a great need. The students of our school, who are among the neediest in the division, instruction and opportunity in performance arts is vital. While the need has been apparent for some time, and desire for a drama program has been expressed by the learning community, the opportunity was not available without staff. With the recent addition of new SMS staff who have the interest and expertise to build a drama program for afterschool and elective programs, SMS only needs foundation grant support to bring a Drama program to life. With increased support from other content areas including English, Art, Music and Band, the new SMS Drama Program has an environment for success for the entire learning community.

Young Men and Women of Distinction
Fort Hill Community School – Teachers: George Hurt, Jason Giambone
Grant Sponsors: BB&T, Walmart Neighborhood Market

The local chapter Alpha Phi Alpha Incorporated, have partnership with Fort Hill Community and will supply male mentoring, to those matched with the boys in this mentoring program. The Omega Psi Fraternity have also expressed a partner to work with the young men as well. The local African-American Greek Sororities, Delta Sigma Theta and Zeta Phi Beta organizations, have also expressed a need to mentor the young women of this mentoring program, as well. These fraternities and sororities are some of our most influential and pillars of Lynchburg City. There is a desperate need for them as citizens of Lynchburg to give back to their communities by offering their guidance and experience to our at-risks students.

The mentors will provide strategies in the areas of self-esteem, respect for authority, parenting techniques, study habits, dealing with peer pressure, non- gang affiliation, life skills training, financial budgeting, job interview skills, college transcript assistance, resume writing. Students will receive professional dress outfits. They will be fitted by a local tailor from one of the fraternities, who are supporting their learning and becoming that productive and valued citizen of our community of Lynchburg, Virginia.

Anti-Bullying Initiative
Division Wide – Director of Engagement, Equity, and Opportunity: Ethel Reeves
Grant Sponsors: LCS Education Foundation

The purpose of this project is to help the Lynchburg City Schools develop an anti-bullying initiative to ensure that all LCS students enjoy a safe and positive school environment in which to learn. Bullying can impact not only a student’s physical safety, but can impact their emotional state as well.  Funding for this grant will allow LCS to implement a number of programs and initiatives to education students to help stop bullying before it starts and to train faculty and staff to make schools safe for all students.

Division Wide – Science Coaches:  Maria Jaeger, Anne Berry, Suzanne Brawn
Grant Sponsors: BWX Technologies, Dover Foundation , Fleet Laboratories, Innovative Wireless Technologies

The purpose of this project is to help the newly formed LCS ‘STREAM TEAM’ train STREAM teachers, develop STREAM based lessons, and secure STREAM resources as we work to expand the STREAM lab concept from RS Payne throughout the rest of our schools. The purpose of the team is to increase understanding and use of STREAM as an instructional strategy that will increase student achievement in science, mathematics, reading and writing with science literacy integration and student-centered technology. As defined by STEAM’s creator, Georgette Yakman, “STREAM is Science and Technology, interpreted through Engineering and the Arts, conveyed through reading and writing, all based in elements of Mathematics.” Funding for this project will help support an educational environment that encompasses the 5 C’s included in the Profile of a Virginia Graduate: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Citizenship by focusing on hands-on, experiential, creative, innovative, and purposeful learning.  Our goal is to engage students of all ability levels in authentic cross-curricular learning.


Project Inclusion
E. C. Glass High School – Teacher: Heather McCormick
Grant Sponsor:  BWX Technologies, Inc.

Heritage High School – Teacher:  Kenya Fowler
Grant Sponsor: Genworth Foundation

The purpose of this program is to increase high school students’ sensitivity to and awareness of diversity issues so that they can create school and community environments free from the distractions of prejudice, stereotypes, and bigotry. More specifically, the Project Inclusion retreat will give participants the opportunity to work closely with their peers to explore personal experiences with discrimination and develop both individual skills and school-wide action plans that address change in themselves and their schools. 

The Project Inclusion program motivates participants to create change in their school. Throughout the program, interactive dialogue allows for the sharing of personal experience as a process for participants to examine their own self-efficacy in creating more equitable communities. The action planning process at the conclusion of the program serves as a catalyst for follow-up activities that take place throughout the school year and beyond.

Poet’s Pride Video Puzzle
Paul Laurence Dunbar School for Innovation – Teachers: Ian Moore, Karl Loos
Grant Sponsors: ABC 13 WSET-TV, Harman Eye Center, Harrington Corporation

Paul Laurence Dunbar has set the standard for Secondary School Media Production since its designation as a “School for Innovation” in 1994. With the cameras the Lynchburg Education Foundation has awarded us, we will continue to press ahead and be a beacon for future generation, not just here at DMS, but across the division, the Commonwealth and the nation. Both our facility and Media Production program are poised to meet head on the quickly evolving world of Digital Media. TV and Media Production and Television Journalism are team taught by education professionals with extensive experience in every aspect of production. Our new Canon T5i Video Kits offer portable, high quality, digital cameras; the last piece of the Poet’s Pride Video Puzzle.

Reimplementation of Broadcast Journalism
Paul Laurence Dunbar School for Innovation – Teacher: Karl Loos
Grant Sponsors: Harris Corporation, The News & Advance

The purpose of this proposal is to provide us with the technology we need to engage students in reading, writing, technology, and social awareness in a creative way. We will see growth in student SOL scores in English. We will have students who have a better foundation for success in high school thanks to improved academic skills as well as improved social skills. Students will hone their journalism skills at the same time they are making a difference in the school by creating news stories that highlight student concerns, celebrate student successes, and appeal to student interests. In short, this proposal helps many different areas affecting student achievement. With these iPads, students will be able to create, film, edit, and present completed news stories.

James River Watershed Experience
E. C. Glass High School – Teacher:  Jared Palmer
Grant Sponsors: Appalachian Power Company, Master Engineers & Designers

The purpose of this project is to provide students with a thorough knowledge of the importance of the James River not only to the people who live nearby, but to the many different organisms that are dependent on the water to sustain life.  The project is designed to interface with the knowledge students already possess about biology, ecology, and environmental science, and expand on that knowledge through discussions on the river, as well as through immersive water testing.  Students should end the project with a new appreciation for the James River and a curiosity to explore more of their natural world and all of the organisms in their backyard.

Reading Opens a Treasure Trunk of Learning
R. S. Payne Elementary School – Teacher: Rebecca Scott
Grant Sponsors: American National Bank, Sam’s Club

The purpose of this project is to motivate and engage reluctant readers and their parents by presenting “treasure trunks” of hands on activities and experiences through various works of fiction and nonfiction. This project will allow students to build capacity in reading through background knowledge and making connections with literature. As a result, “Reading Opens a Treasure Trunk of Learning” will initiate unique opportunities to increase interest for reading, promote project based learning and creativity, and encourage parents to become an intricate component in their child’s success as a reader. My intention is that this proposal will greatly improve the struggling readers’ ability to engage in the reading process, and if proven effective, will create an enthusiasm and desire that will not only enhance their reading skills, but establish a lifelong love of reading and learning.

Leadership Academy for Inclusion
E. C. Glass High School – Teachers: Elizabeth Masencup, Heidi VandeHoef
Grant Sponsors: Dodson Brothers Pest Control, Moore & Giles

The purpose of the Leadership Academy for Inclusion is to build the next generation of leaders through sport. High school student-athletes from each of E.C. Glass’ 38 teams were nominated by coaches to attend the summer workshop provided by Virginia’s Center for Inclusive Communities. The curriculum and lessons are designed to increase awareness, enhance critical thinking skills, and emphasize inclusiveness regardless of culture, gender, religion, race, identity, socioeconomics, or other characteristic. This collaborative project was carried out in partnership between Lynchburg Beacon of Hope and the E.C. Glass Athletics Department.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” ~ James Baldwin

Sandusky Middle School – Teacher: Karen Camden
Grant Sponsor: Genworth Foundation

The purpose of this proposal is to provide my students opportunities to think as artists because the real product of art education should not be the works of art, but the student.  Meaningful art-making activities involve students working in small groups to learn skills, solve problems, create knowledge artifacts, and provide feedback. Designing choice-based centers takes the emphasis off the teacher as the head of the class and shifts the focus to the student learner. My job is to get my students to chase the quality of their own work and make the best work they can make. If I could provide students with opportunities for choice-based learning they can discover their own strengths.

Drum Out the Stress
Sandusky Middle School – Teachers: Brian Jablonski, Kenneth Brand
Grant Sponsors: Walmart Old Forest Road, Walmart Wards Road

The purpose of this project is to provide a means for reducing the stress and tension that cripples the academic achievement of many students. We will use funds from this project to purchase drums that will in turn allow us to hold drum circles. Participation in the drum circles will be voluntary, but some students may be encouraged by their teacher or school counselor. We will monitor students who participate in drum circles for grades and behavior. We hope that students who participate in the drum circles will reduce behavior referrals, as measured from either previous months or previous years, and improve grades, as measured from previous quarters or previous years.

Digital Resources
Perrymont Elementary School – Library Media Specialist: Karen Snellings
Grant Sponsor: Central Virginia Federal Credit Union

The purpose of this project is to provide the students at Perrymont Elementary School the opportunity to explore non-fiction titles in a digital format.  The Lightbox books offer every student unlimited use in the areas of Science, Language Arts and Social Studies.  The books don’t simply offer narration to these high interest topics, they have feature videos, google Maps and quizzes to test their knowledge of the titles.

The digital books cost about $40 a title which comes with a hardback book as well as unlimited use of the digital resource. The $600 requested would provide a first step towards this goal of building a digital library for our students.  The $600 would provide 15 digital books.  The books purchased will be available to all students grades K-5.  The books will be purchased will be nonfiction, high interest titles with low to middle reading levels.

Hip Hop:  Creation and Inspiration in Multiple Subject Areas
E. C. Glass and Heritage Schools – Teachers: Casey Wood, Savannah Layne
Grant Sponsors: Coleman-Adams Construction, Inc., The Education & Research Foundation, Inc.

The purpose of this project is to provide students who may otherwise be disinterested in subjects like marketing, law, science, music, art, or poetry an opportunity to create something they will take pride in and enjoy. The students will use the music production software and musical instruments purchased with grant money to write, produce, record, copyright, market, and sell their own album. This grant will provide access to professional cutting-edge software and instruments that many socioeconomically disadvantaged students would not typically be able to attain. This project would also reinforce to minority students that their culture is beautiful and important and deserves a place in our curriculum for years to come.

Karst Conservation
Heritage High School – Teacher: Gretchen Boeren
Grant Sponsors: TRAX, LLC.

The purpose of my proposal is to provide all HHS students currently enrolled in Earth Science classes to be able to directly engage in hands on/minds on learning with some of the most well respected and well known speleologists from this region. Not only are my guest presenters called upon to advise the Governor of the Commonwealth but are also nationally known in caving circles. It’s through my personal relationship that I’m able to call upon them for an entire day of karst instruction which directly correlates to Earth Science SOL 8b. Blue Ridge Grotto will donate pertinent materials to the students and to the school.  Their presentation is the next best thing to actually visiting a wild cave!  It will be a marvelous opportunity for students to learn about the unique karst topography of Virginia.

HHS Astronomy Class Initiative
Heritage High School – Teacher: Gretchen Boeren
Grant Sponsor: MH Masonry & Associates

The purpose of this proposal is to ask for funding as HHS has “launched” an astronomy program on “a wing and a prayer.” Not only is this brand new course offering quite appropriate for the “home of the pioneers,” but with proper funding and budget support, this class can become a model of STEM application. A field trip to a local observatory and/or planetarium is a “must” for any astronomy class and I’m respectfully petitioning the committee to help provide for some hands-on equipment for my astronomy students. While the class is starting small, with adequate support, I know that I can turn this program into one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences for any HHS student.  My whole goal in teaching is to get students excited about the natural world and to create lifelong learners. Astronomy is both one of the oldest of science disciplines and the science of the future. Thank you so much for your kind consideration.

Virginia Mysteries Author Visit
Linkhorne Elementary & Perrymont Elementary Schools – Library Media Specialist: Mary Jo Krufka, Karen Snellings
Grant Sponsors: LSC Communications

The purpose of this proposal is to provide a face to face meeting of an author for students in 4th & 5th grade at two LCS schools. The author’s books are part of his adventure series entitled Virginia Mysteries and contain facts about several facets of Virginia history that students study in 4th & 5th grade. Students will have read at least 1 of his books prior to the author visit and formulate questions they wish to ask during the session. Books purchased through the grant will be placed in the schools’ libraries for use in future years.

Fort Hill Community School – Teachers: Elizabeth Bonheim, Greer Harris
Grant Sponsors: Westminster Canterbury, LCS Education Foundation Rev. Haywood Robinson Fund

The purpose of this project/proposal is to provide opportunities for the students at Fort Hill Community School to complete at least one large painting using professional materials and techniques. “Creating art increases the dopamine levels in your brain…preparing your brain for learning…and it trains you to concentrate on details and pay more attention to your environment. In this way, it acts like meditation” ( Encouraging our students to try new things and create something they can feel good about is one of the many ways we endeavor to pull the best out of them and help each one to see the potential for positive change. It may also open their minds to the possibility of a new way of handling their stress in a healthy manner.

FOOD SCIENCE: Mastery of Metric Baking Station
Sandusky Middle School – Teachers:  Patricia Rapiejko, Gretchen Morgan, Lewis Watson
Grant Sponsor: L. G. Flint General Contractors, Virginia School Equipment

The purpose of this project is to provide students with the equipment to create a hands-on-learning opportunity which will develop metric and conversion measurement skills through new programming in Sandusky Middle School. Using existing cooking lab facilities and working in conjunction with Math, Science, and CTE, Sandusky Family and Consumer Sciences will provide an innovative learning opportunity for more than 200 students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade and their families. Students will discover practical application of metric measurement as it applies to real life uses in baking projects, specifically, baking of bread. Students will gain skills, confidence, and mastery, which will translate into enthusiasm, increased academic interest, and ultimately, improved performance in these content areas on standardized tests. Through benchmarking and laboratory practice, individual learning plans will be developed and progress can be measured. As one of the educational goals of the Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum another goal is to improve the quality of life of students, their families, and the community through learning to bake their own bread.

Coding in the Classroom
Linkhorne Elementary School – Teacher:  Allison Ashton
Grant Sponsor: AREVA

The purpose of this project is to provide enrichment opportunities to students who are working above grade level and to provide them with the opportunity to perform 21st century skills within the classroom setting. Students will learn basic coding, collaboration, and problem solving skills which will help them in all academic areas.

If you’re not on time, you’re late!
E. C. Glass and Heritage High Schools Project SEARCH: Amanda Myers-Ramirez, Sallie Carson, Janet Dalton
Grant Sponsor: Piedmont Community Health Plan

The purpose of this proposal is to provide a valuable real life vocational experiences to a group of students who need it the most. Students enrolled at E. C. Glass High School, Heritage High School, and Centra Project SEARCH have never been exposed to experiencing the procedure of clocking in and out, for vocational training experiences, utilizing an actual time clock device. While teachers have worked hard to create “mock systems” an actual time clock machine would help these students generalize the important task of utilizing a time clock as well as help them monitor and understand them importance being on time for work. Vocational skills are extremely important to teach to this population of learners. It is the goal of our functional adaptive programs and the Centra Project SEARCH program to prepare learners with disabilities for independent living and successful competitive employment. The more we can teach these students actual skills that will transfer to real life the better our outcomes will be.

Lynchburg African-American History and Memory through Art Project
Heritage High School – Teachers: Jon Roark, Ruth Glaze
Grant Sponsors: Electronic Design & Manufacturing, Old Dominion Wood Products, Inc.

The purpose of this project/proposal is to provide insight in the African American experience in Central Virginia. By partnering with the Legacy Museum we will gain knowledge that can be used to provide insight into this community as we provide multi-cultural group the opportunity to create visual illumination. We want our students to gain empathy for people by examining harsh truths of the past. Our project will cross disciplines, with our career tech building trades, my career tech graphics students, the input of career tech marketing classes and English classes being given the opportunity to use the art as writing prompts for poetry and essays.

River Exploration Program with the James River Association
Heritage High School – Teacher: Patrick O’Hara
Grant Sponsors: Merryman Foundation, Coldwelll Banker Commercial Read & Company

The purpose of this project is to provide students with an opportunity to better appreciate their local environment in the form of a one-day canoeing trip along the James River. Testing water quality and capturing macroinvertebrates are two different ways in which resource conservation and management will be reinforced for students. Prior to the trip, students will study freshwater ecosystems and water conservation as well as conduct research on local flora and fauna. Following the trip, students will reflect on their experience in the form of a written essay. They will describe how the activities of the canoeing trip influenced their view of the environment and how their lifestyle will change as a result. My goal is to help students gain a greater awareness of their environmental impact by observing firsthand the ecosystem that their decisions affect.

Bike Build Better Learners
Hutcherson Early Learning Center – Teachers: Beth Mullen, Kristin Porterfield
Grant Sponsors: First Piedmont Corporation, Centra Foundation

The purpose of this project is to provide approximately 167 children at Hutcherson a daily opportunity to engage in physical activity designed to strengthen major muscle groups and increase heart rate. Purchasing 10 tricycles will allow the children ability to develop lower extremity strength, bi-lateral coordination, and balance. Riding tricycles will also allow children to engage in exercise that will increase heart rate. For many of our students this may be the only time that learning to ride a bike is feasible. In addition, children learn how to take turns and wait for a turn to ride bikes, and how to follow directions from various adults who are stationed to supervise the bikes.

A Culture of Literacy
Linkhorne Elementary School – Teachers: Barbara Reid, Sandra Phillips
Grant Sponsor: R.M. Gantt Construction

The purpose of this project is to provide students with literature that expands their vocabularies in reading and science as well as giving them a creative way to practice sight words. Students will have the opportunity to read from two magazines that would expose them to a variety of new vocabulary words and ideas that will inspire their writings and create background knowledge for future grades. Students will also have the opportunity to create 15 books each that will be laminated and will be unique to each student. Toni Morrison said, “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” The students in my class are eager and willing, but have limited life experiences on which to draw when writing in their journals. To make their own libraries, to share their writing with others, and to take pride in learning new material would give my students much confidence and, perhaps, inspire them to help others become authors as well.

Sandusky Elementary School – Teacher: Tina Smith
Grant Sponsor: AREVA

The purpose of this project/proposal is to provide the students at Sandusky Elementary opportunities beyond the classroom experiences. These students would benefit tremendously by utilizing the materials in this makerspace. A Makerspace is a place where students can learn how to work together as a team, to build, tinker, be creative, learn cooperation, explore, discover, and invent things. The Makerspace will help students use their imaginations, use science, technology, math, reading, and language arts skills. 

Story Book STEM Skyrockets Student Success
Linkhorne Elementary School – Teacher: Kristy Genung
Grant Sponsor: AREVA

The purpose of this project is to incorporate STEM into reading so students understand that all of the subjects we learn in school are valuable and he/she can be successful in all areas. Historically girls excel in reading and boys excel in STEM fields. This project will help to break that mold and change that stereotype by allowing our young students to experience STEM and Reading together. This project allows girls to get excited about STEM through reading and it allows our boys to get excited about reading by connecting stories to STEM challenges. “The future belongs to the curious. The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it, and turn it inside out.” –unknown. The future is in our students’ hands—we just need to provide them opportunities to try, explore, poke, and question things!

Creative Kindness
Sandusky Middle School – Teachers; Karen Camden, Lynn Arbaugh, Matthew Mason, Robert Kerns
Grant Sponsors: Dominion Seven Architects, Roger & Winston Green

The purpose of this proposal is to help the faculty and students to create a safe and positive environment for the Spartans of Sandusky Middle School. Students will read books that will encourage them to make positive choices in the way they treat others and the way they view themselves. In art classes students will create art that will promote kindness and empathy towards others. Teachers and students will create displays in the school to encourage and build each other up. My goal is for all members of the Spartan community to have a Great School Year.

AAK Attack: Anonymous Acts of Kindness
Sandusky Elementary School – Teacher: Jeryl Callahan
Grant Sponsor: LCS Education Foundation George Rainsford Fund

The purpose of this project is to provide an opportunity for students to purposefully think about kindness and put the happiness of others before their own happiness. This project would provide a calm sense of community in my classroom or in the school. This project would allow students and staff to feel accepted and appreciated by each other. Currently, many staff and students feel as though their feelings, actions, and hard work do not matter, based on how others treat them or the work that they do, on a daily basis. The AAK Attack: Anonymous Act of Kindness project will spread kindness so that people’s happiness is boosted, their confidence is boosted, more friends are made, and work ethics are increased from feeling appreciated and like they and the work that they do matter. Think about how a little kindness in the life of a bully could change their behavior, or how might a person’s life, who acts out violently against others, been different had more people shown kindness to that individual.

Drones in the Classroom
E. C. Glass High School – Teacher: Kim Hansen

Grant Sponsors: Wegmann USA Inc., LCS Education Foundation

The purpose of this project is to provide inspiration for high school students enrolled in Drafting and Robotics about STEM. Students will learn how to operate a drone and apply its use to learn how to interpret contour and site plans. Students will become acquainted with how this equipment is being used daily in various professions associated with engineering and construction.

Historical Themes Mixed Media
Linkhorne Middle School – Teacher: Nate Sullivan
Gant Sponsor: Bank of the James

The purpose of this history-based mixed media art project is to provide students with the opportunity to produce meaningful art relevant to the content they have been studying in my social studies classes. Social studies is a discipline that naturally lends itself to creative expression through art. However, too often the discipline is plagued by the rote memorization of dates and names, disconnected from broader cultural concepts and creativity in general. This project seeks to connect social studies with art, allowing students to express in their own ways key cultural concepts. This art project will enhance students’ grasp of historical themes and developments by bringing them to life in a fun and creative way. Students will be taught to apply images, written text, and paint to canvases in order to produce a visual representation of a specific historical theme, trend, event, etc. Students will have the opportunity to express their ideas visually by creating a collage centering on the historical theme of their choice

BluePrint Etiquette
E. C. Glass High School – Teachers: Jeffrey Woody, Heidi VandeHoef
Grant Sponsor: Generation Solutions

The purpose of this project is to provide an opportunity for students in the BluePrint to learn what it takes to succeed at the next level of life. This project reinforces leadership traits through career development with interactive lessons in resume building, interview skills, business etiquette, and workforce readiness. Hands-on learning methods are utilized to incorporate written language, oral communication, interpersonal skills, professional networking, and overall business knowledge. Through collaboration with Coaches in the Classroom and Lynchburg Beacon of Hope, students explore career goals through a lens that supports all pathways of higher education.

Hutcherson Library
Hutcherson Early Learning Center – Coordinator for Early Childhood and English Language Learners: Pam Thomas
Grant Sponsor:  HumanKind, Successful Innovations

The purpose of this project is to help build the library at Hutcherson Early Learning Center to ensure that our students have an ample supply and varied selection of books to check out. The Hutcherson Library has a very limited circulation list at this time and we want to ensure that the students of our school have the opportunity to check out high interest books to help develop their interest and ability to read. Funding from this grant will provide the boost this library needs to better serve our students.   

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