As students return to in-person learning, things will look a little different this year, and that starts with riding the school bus. In the mornings, as they wait at the bus stop, students are required to wear face coverings. Students must wear their face covering before being allowed entry onto the school bus and while riding the bus.

Students will load onto the bus filling in from the back to the front, in order to promote physical distancing, and students will exit in the opposite manner (front to back) during drop-off. Physical distance between children will be maintained through special markings on the seats: one child will sit per row except for students living in the same household, who may sit in the same bus seat.

Each bus and planned route has limited seating for students, and no student will be allowed to ride a different bus from the one assigned to them. Student pickup location in the morning will be the same location where they are dropped off in the afternoon.

Before and after each route, buses will be cleaned and disinfected. Our drivers will sanitize commonly touched surfaces in between each bus run, and our spray team will deep clean the buses every Monday and upon a driver's request.

Bus seating diagram