Partners In Education is a joint venture between Lynchburg City Schools and Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance (formerly the Lynchburg Regional Chamber). The program is designed to create linkages between the school system and area businesses to expand and enhance the educational opportunities for all.

Benefits to Schools

  • Adult role models with knowledge not traditionally available in the classroom
  • Business expertise and technical assistance
  • Awareness of work skills needed and required by employers
  • School staff moral boosted by business, organization and institutional support
  • Growth of mutual understanding and respect for each other
  • Resource for needed equipment, supplies, and materials

Benefits to Partners

  • Partnership in the education of today’s youth
  • Input in the development of programs geared to the local job market
  • Direct communication with the schools to assist them in identifying and teaching appropriate job skills
  • Increased understanding of the free enterprise system by students and educators
  • Growth and mutual understanding of each other

The best part of Partners In Education is what it helps you do for others…and what it does for you. The possibilities of how your business, organization, or institution can be involved are limited only by your imagination. Lynchburg City Schools and the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance invite you to become part of this exciting program.