Benefits for Drivers & the CommunityLess Road Aggression and Frustration
When drivers allow themselves enough travel time so they’re not in a hurry, they are much less aggressive and create much less tension on the roadway. With less speed and tension, we can share the streets much more safely. Slower traffic is safer—for people walking and cycling, for children and the elderly, and even for other drivers. As a vehicle travels more slowly, the driver and all other road users are given more time for courtesy and safety. Better chance of survival in the case of a crash! A little extra speed can mean the difference between life and death for a cyclist or pedestrian struck by a vehicle. A person hit by a vehicle traveling at 25 mph has a 90% chance of surviving; at 40mph, a person has a 90% of dying. Slower average speeds can lead to more people feeling comfortable walking or biking for health, fitness and transportation. Street safety is a key element towards making a community truly “livable,” and the end result will be an area that is a safer, more pleasant to live in, work in and travel in!

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