A thank you note provides you the opportunity to express your continued interest in the position or to withdraw your name from consideration. Write it as soon as you get home from the interview while the details are still fresh in your mind.

Surprisingly, fewer than half the people who go on a job interview have the smarts to send a thank you note. A simple thank-you note could help you stand out from the competition. It will keep you name alive in the manager’s mind that you want this job so much that you took the time to write.
>> Sample Thank You Letter

Points to Consider

  • Use standard business letter format with a salutation
  • Address the letter to the individual(s) who interviewed you
  • Remind the manager of when and why you met
  • Express your sincere appreciation for the interview opportunity
  • Reemphasize your strongest qualifications. Draw attention to the good match between your qualifications and the job requirements
  • Confirm that you want the job. Use the opportunity to provide or offer supplemental information not previously given
  • Restate your appreciation
  • Check for spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors
  • Keep the letter to one page, neatly printed on good quality paper