The superintendent approves the composition of a Technology Committee on an annual basis. The membership is composed of representatives from each school in the division including teachers, administrators, instructional technology specialists, and media specialists. The committee also includes the director of information technology, network administrators, and the coordinator for data processing. The responsibility of the committee is to review, evaluate, and modify the school division’s Educational Technology Plan to ensure its compliance with state and federal directives and with the school division’s strategic plan. The Technology Committee uses the school division’s mission statement and vision as the foundation for all decisions.  

The technology committee also shares proposals regarding policy, strategic planning, and other division-wide initiatives with a variety of other groups for their review and input. Among these are the secondary leadership team, the elementary leadership team, the superintendent’s personnel advisory committee, the superintendent’s parent advisory committee, and the superintendent’s cabinet. Click here for a current copy of the school board approved version of the Educational Technology Plan. Paper copies are also accessible at each school site and at the public library for review.