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Dental Card

All new enrollees with family coverage should have received two cards. (Dependent or spouse names are not listed on the cards.) Single coverage employees should have received only one card. 

Find a Provider

Call Anthem Dental at (866) 956-8607 or visit website, register/log in to Anthem Dental Complete Member Services for coverage summary, claims inquiry, ID cards, and dentist search.

Who is Eligible to Enroll?

You are eligible for the benefits if you are contracted at least 30 hours per week.

Dependent Eligibility

You can enroll the following members of your family on Dental plan:

  • Your spouse, is defined as the person to whom you are legally married and for whom you have a valid government issued marriage certificate.
  • Your natural children, legally adopted children, children placed with you for legal adoption, stepchildren or foster children up to age 26, regardless of student status.  Coverage ends at the end of the month following the date they turn 26. 
  • Your children age 26 or older who are not able to support themselves because of a physical or mental disability.

Note: When you add a new dependent, you will need to provide proof of his or her eligibility, such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate or adoption certificate.

How Can I Enroll?

New hire must enroll within 31 days of their contract start date by completing the Employee Benefits Enrollment/Change Form. Additionally, employees can enroll within 31 days of a qualifying event or during the annual Open Enrollment Period.

How Can I Make Changes?

Changes may be made during Open Enrollment or within 31 days of a qualifying event by completing the  Employee Benefits Enrollment/Change FormQualifying event examples include marriage, divorce, birth/adoption/fostering, death of a family member. Click here for more information on adding eligible dependents.

Related Material for Dental Plans
Claims Submission Address

Attn: Dental Claims
PO Box 1115
Minneapolis, MN 55440-1115

What Happens to My Dental Coverage if I Leave LCS?

Under the provisions of the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1985, or COBRA, you and your covered family members may choose to continue Dental coverage under the Lynchburg City Schools Dental plan after your coverage has ended. You have 60 days from the date of your COBRA election notice to enroll in coverage. If you do not respond within the 60 days, your rights to continue coverage will be waived. COBRA information will be mailed to your home address. Please be sure to keep your address current by submitting changes to the Department of Human Resources.


Please contact the Benefits/Payroll Department at (434) 515-5089, (434) 515-0008, or

Plan Administrator Contact Information

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Dental
PO Box 115 Minneapolis, MN 55440
(833) 592-9956
8:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. Monday-Friday