Why Our Professionals Stand Out

  • 230 employees with 20 years of service or more at LCS
  • 496 employees with a master’s degree or higher

Why Our Academics Stand Out


  • K-5 classrooms are provided with hands-on science kits
  • One-to-one technology initiative introduces more devices into classroom instruction
  • Small class sizes and instructional assistants in every Kindergarten classroom


  • Our two nationally recognized high schools offer 28 AP courses and numerous core and Career-Tech dual enrollment courses
  • Participation in Early College Scholars & Governors STEM Academy
  • All high school students are issued a laptop as part of the LCS-ONE initiative

Why Our Facilities Stand Out

  • 21st Century Buildings include
    • a brand new high school,
    • exceptional athletic facilities,
    • a civic auditorium that seats over 2,000

Why Our Community Stands Out

  • School culture promotes parent and community involvement
  • THE BEACON OF HOPE PARTNERSHIP includes the Future Center, Mentoring Programs, and Scholarships to help students reach post-secondary education.
  • PARTNERS IN EDUCATION links businesses, organizations and institutions in the area to our school division to provide more educational opportunities for all students. To date, LCS has over 250 area businesses, organizations, and institutions partnering with the schools.
  • THE LYNCHBURG CITY SCHOOLS EDUCATION FOUNDATION, INC. supports teachers and students with programs such as the  classroom Innovation Grant program, which provides funds to a wide range of innovative teacher projects and programs. To date, more than $715,000 has been awarded through the program. The foundation also manages a Tools for Schools warehouse where the community can donate items and teachers can “shop” for supplies throughout the year.