Lynchburg City Schools Graduate

After graduating from E. C. Glass High School in 2003, Abby moved to New York to attend New York University, where she studied music and theatre. During college and after graduation, Abby worked in professional theatre. She toured the United States, worked off Broadway, and even toured internationally with a production.

Abby began picking up the essential skills for musical production all the way back in elementary and middle school. “Things really were solidified at Glass Theatre,” she says.  

By participating in the theatre program at E. C. Glass, Abby was able to make connections with other Glass alumni, helping make her transition from high school to college, especially so far from home, more comfortable. When she moved to New York, there were familiar people to mentor her. Now, she has become a mentor herself.

Abby recently returned to LCS to participate in the E. C. Glass Theatre’s Visiting Artist Series, where Glass Theatre invites alumni back to direct a show each year. Abby directed the production of the Lillian Hellman classic drama, "The Children’s Hour." Teachers showed up to support her and the students throughout this process.

“As I’ve made a transition in my own life to education, the teachers that I worked with in Lynchburg City Schools are the first people that I call or email for questions,” says Abby. “[They are] still mentoring me, guiding me, teaching me, even now in my late 20s.” 

Abby was delighted to return to her high school and work with students. "Theatre, in its own way, provides the opportunity for people to come together and tackle the essential concerns and questions of humanity," she said last spring. "Being back at Glass and getting to do this type of thinking and creating with a group of enthusiastic, intelligent young adults is more than I could have hoped for in my first experience as a director."



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