E. C. Glass High School Student

Kate is a junior at E. C. Glass High School. She transferred to Lynchburg City Schools in middle school from a smaller school.

“I know that I definitely want to go to college, and Lynchburg City Schools has prepared me.”

Kate made the transition because she wanted something bigger with more opportunities. She has had the opportunity to take AP classes so that she can get credits for college. Another reason Kate chose Lynchburg City Schools for secondary school was the sports teams. Kate has run cross country and has played basketball and soccer for E. C. Glass High School.

“Sports were and still area big part of my life,” she says.  “Through athletics I met a lot of different types of people… . It’s just really culturally diverse.”

Kate has been active throughout her time at E. C. Glass high school. She has been on the Student Council and has been a member of Link Crews, which is a group of students who mentor incoming freshmen. Kate says she has a lot of great memories during her time at school, but it’s mostly just the little things.

She enjoys walking through the halls, talking to friends and teachers. “I feel everywhere I go in this school there is always someone that I can have a conversation with. It’s a welcoming place.”

Kate will also be attending the Central Virginia Governor’s School for Science and Technology this year.



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