Sarah CreechLynchburg City Schools Graduate

In August of 2014 my debut novel titled Season of the Dragonflies was published by Harpercollins, and I recently sold my second novel to the same publishing house with a projected 2016 publication date. I have the Lynchburg public school system to thank for my writing passion. In the sixth grade at Dunbar Middle School my teacher Mrs. Smith made creative writing an important focus in her classroom. We wrote many stories and poems and grouped together as a workshop to critique our peers' productions. I teach at Queens University of Charlotte now where I use a similar model to teach creative writing to college students. I gave my first public reading in the eighth grade and loved it. I had no idea if I could make a career as a writer, but I knew I had to try. I'm fortunate for my early introduction to creative writing at Dunbar, and I hope the writing arts are still a focus for middle school teachers




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