Heritage High School 2013 Graduate

Jeremy Hamlet graduated from Heritage High School with the Class of 2013. While Jeremy knew he always wanted to go to college, he planned to go and play football.

He played football in middle school, and when he came to high school as a ninth grader, he joined the Pioneers football team. But after just four weeks of playing high school football, Jeremy had a season-ending injury when he tore the ligaments in his knee. He rehabbed but was never 100 percent to play again.

Jeremy began slacking off in school. He didn’t complete assignments, and he let his grades drop. With the football no longer an option after high school, Jeremy began losing interest in going to college. As he started his 10th grade year, Jeremy admits he still slacked off, but teachers and guidance counselors helped him get back on track.

“I had some teachers…and my guidance counselor Mr. Jamerson told me I had to straighten up if I wanted to go to college and do anything further in life,” Jeremy says. “So that’s what I did.”

Jeremy began taking AP classes during his senior year. In college he plans to study urban affairs. “Government and Politics, that’s what interests me.”

Jeremy was selected by his teachers and peers to speak to the Class of 2013 during graduation, and now he is attending Virginia Tech.



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