Dunbar Middle School for Innovation Student

Victoria McCoy moved from Chesapeake to Lynchburg with her family when she was in the fourth grade and attended Perrymont Elementary School.

While she was sad at first to be leaving her friends, Victoria said it was easy to fit in at LCS because everyone was nice to her. Victoria’s laugh is contagious, and she didn’t have a hard time making friends in Lynchburg. “I just sat at a lunch table, people were talking, then I started talking,” she says. 

Victoria starts a typical school day riding in the car with her dad. “We talk about school before I get here” she says.

Now an eighth grader at Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School for Innovation, Victoria says she likes all the different opportunities her school offers, such as the Herpetology lab, foreign languages like Spanish, German and Latin, and especially the theatre program. Theatre is something Victoria hopes to continue through high school and even college. She says the quality of plays and the travel and competitions they do give theatre students opportunities they might not otherwise have.

Victoria also welcomes challenge. Her favorite subject is math because her teachers give her difficult problems that require time to process and solve. She says in all her subjects, teachers use real-life examples to make the classroom lessons relevant to everyday situations. By doing this, Victoria says teachers make the lesson more meaningful for her and other students.

Victoria was selected by her teachers to be a part of the school division’s very first Principals Cabinets. New last year, Principals Cabinets were started based on a school culture survey administered in the fall. One of the things students wanted more of was for their input to be sought by teachers and administrators.

“We talked about the positives as well as what we’d like to see improve. …Some people don’t feel comfortable talking to the principal, but I think it’s easier since there are other students around and they can back up your ideas,” Victoria says. “It’s a cool chance to express your ideas.” 



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