Policy BCEA

A Disciplinary Committee composed of at least three School Board members presides over all cases of student suspensions of more than 10 days and expulsions within the Lynchburg City School Division. The decision of the committee, if unanimous, is the final decision of the School Board. In non-unanimous decisions, the student has the right to appeal to the full School Board. The School Board shall render a final decision in such cases on the appeal within thirty days of the Committee decision.

The School Board Disciplinary Committee follows the procedures set forth in Policy JGD/JGE Student Suspension/Expulsion.

Membership on the School Board Disciplinary Committee is composed of School Board members who serve on a rotational basis with the Board chair or vice-chair presiding.

Adopted: July 12, 2016

Legal Refs.:

Code of Virginia, §§ 22.1-277.05, 22.1-277.06.

Cross Refs.:

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