Policy BDDC-R

A. Notification of Meetings
Notice of meetings of the school board shall be posted on the school division’s web site for access by school board members on Thursday prior to the Tuesday meeting except for meetings called for special purposes in which instance a telephone call to the school board membership at the earliest possible time shall suffice.

B. Agenda Items
Requests received at the school board office after 12:00 noon of the Wednesday preceding regular board meetings (first and third Tuesdays of each month) shall not be accepted as agenda items.

School board members may have the privilege of adding items to the published agenda upon request of the chairman and an affirmative vote of the school board membership.

Except as may be provided elsewhere in its bylaws (1-30B, 1-32B, and 1-41C), the business conducted by the school board will be restricted to those matters included in the agenda.

Adopted: June 5, 1973
Revised: September 17, 1974
Revised: January 6, 1981
Revised: June 21, 2005
Revised: June 4, 2013