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It is the responsibility of the School Board to maintain and improve the quality of administration and instruction. One of the primary methods used in carrying out this responsibility is to work with the Superintendent in improving his or her effectiveness.

Annually, the Superintendent will provide to the School Board a work plan designed to implement the goals set for the division by the School Board. The School Board shall evaluate the Superintendent annually. The School Board shall develop the instrument to evaluate the Superintendent after consulting (1) the uniform performance standards and criteria developed by the Board of Education and (2) the Superintendent. The Superintendent’s evaluations will include student academic progress as a significant component and an overall summative rating. Informal evaluations may also take place as the Board deems appropriate, provided that specific criteria for such appraisals be communicated to the Superintendent.

Each Board member will be involved in assessing the Superintendent's job performance on a continuing basis and by completing the annual evaluation instrument. Upon conclusion of the annual performance appraisal, the evaluation will be reviewed with the Superintendent by the Board or its designees.

Adopted: June 17, 2014

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